Autonationpoor service, wheel damage

C Jul 25, 2019

We took my car because the steering wheel locked while I was driving and we told the guy every time we make a turn it makes a sound, he called us that it was ready, I went to pick up and as soon I left n made the turn I can hear the same noise, we took it back, they changed something else, but when I got to the car I notice a big damage on my wheel, it was damage prior because of the locked but this is completely different, I took pictures before n after, the cashier lady at check out had a big attitude while I was checking out, we dealer with Kevin, I decided on the same moment to contact corporate, office was closed, they were supposed to call me within 24-48 hrs, I contact 2 days after and still 2 WEEKS and I haven't heard from you guys, UNACCEPTABLE, HORRIBLE FOLLOW UP, HORRIBLE SERVICE POOR POOR POOR SERVICE ILL GIVE U A 0 as a client I should be trusting u with the service on my car

poor service, wheel damage
poor service, wheel damage

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