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L Jul 12, 2019

Good Afternoon,

My complain is as follows, I went into the dealership on 7/2/19 around 5pm did not leave until after 9pm. I was told my Expedition would not be ready until the following day(due to the battery needed to be replaced), they promised me gas due to the inconvenience and was told it would be ready by the time I went to pick up the car. Picked up car on 7/3/19 at 5pm, thinking the car would be ready and I was wrong they did not have it ready I was told they still needed to replace the car battery and detail clean the car an 1hr 30 or 2 later finally get the car with NO GAS, nearly made it home. They then kept my DL and lost it, i must have forgot to ask Jose for my DL back since i was already frustrated with a long wait, as soon as i notice I did not have it i communicated with the dealership and was told he took it HOME in accident and i would receive a call back. Well that was on 7/4/19 no one ever called me, I'm the one that had to call and ask if they found my DL, the manager Zeyd ignored my calls. Finally spoke to the rep that lost my Drivers License and he made me feel like I was the one inconveniencing them. When they clearly lost my license with personal information and have been driving with no license. Honestly things happen and I would have been with an ok I'm sorry I lost it. But no this entire time I'm made to be the one that is inconveniencing them. I have bought cars from Auto nation in the past and always spoke of how much I loved this agency, but after this nightmare I do not believe I will go back. It seems like I cannot get ahold of anybody to reach out to me. I feel like no one has cared for what happened to me and is even taking the time to listen to my complaint. I'm also worried that my DL is out their in an employees home or at the dealership, I do what I can to protect my identity from theft but now I have to worry if I will soon be a victim of identity theft.

Hope this message is read and someone can help me,
Linda Ramirez

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