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I would like to tell you the truth because the entire office is located in the Philippines and the customer service and the sales department is here in Makati and the accounting department that processes all the refunds is in Bicol and the catalog office is in Pasig. I would also like to tell the truth that around 90% I think have no basic car knowledge because they only ride the bus and jeep and were not fully trained for car parts and our catalog are not daily updated so only a few are updated. We have around 50 plus website as our members. Our managers will not answer because we are on a first call resolution and if we do not resolve that, we will get punished.

The refund takes 4-6 weeks because it is being processed here in Bicol, Philippines. 85% of the agents answering calls for customer service cannot understand english because some only reached second year college or only took 2 year courses so the customer must ask the representative to read back the complaint. If not, they have to cover the for sales agent that sold the wrong part or the catalog error. Our motto as far as the customer is concerned is 'sir, you have the correct part but the wrong car.'

We are forced to sell parts that are not correct or out of stock because it is punishable by incident reports and suspensions from the human relations office and the employee relations office. We cannot change your orders once it has been processed because it has to go air bound from the Carson office to the bicol office and that takes a long time.

If you think you have received the part twice and ordered it either online or through a representative, the representative concerned will misinform or if not, inform the customer that either the order has been cancelled or only an RGA form was filed. Since we have all the customer's contact details, we can search their accounts using the email, the phone number and the last 7 digits of the credit card. So that the customer will not know that a car part was ordered without their consent, we will take away your email or change your address except for your credit card information. We have to do this because we fear the PQA and the employee relations officer and our team leaders because they will issue us incident reports and then suspend us and then blacklist us. Blacklisting agents like us is very easy. We don't have contracts or IDs even if we have been working for almost two years here.

If your cash has not been returned in your credit card, please call our Philippine Office directly area code [protected] or [protected]. This IS NOT TOLL FREE but you will be refunded immediately.

Please look for our country manager/chief accountant, Fred Miguel or our call center director/sales director, Joel Acot in this numbers. If they do not want to cooperate, please write directly to buster AT and report this immediately.

That is all we want to reply.


Jose Dacuycuy, Paquito and Romy Diaz, Mel Bigson, George Estregan, Ben David and Igana S.Quama


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    hawk Dec 04, 2008
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    this company has no customer service still waiting for my refund i ordered a silla all alumium radiator from them on 11/1/08 recievd a plastic radiator on11/07/08 called them they told me to send it back and after i was refunded to reorder it dont know why they just cant send the correct part . i call them they dont speak english very well no one can give you a straight answer told me my refund could take up to 30 days very disatifed with the hole company

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