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This company is a vanity publishers. On no account should you accept any offer to publish your manuscript with them. They will take your money and do nothing. I entered into a deal with them where they charged me $1000.00 to publish my book. They promised reviews, press releases, exposure at book fairs etc. but once they had taken my money they stopped responding to my emails. It took me months to sort out the mess. They are a cheap local business with an address in America, run by 3 foreign employees in India, owned by Maribelle Birao. Their aim is solely and purely to con aspiring authors. They are the worst type of vanity publishers that exist.

J. G. Eastwood
Keeling, VA, US
Oct 13, 2022 11:56 am EDT
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All employed at Authors Press are 100% a representation of the term "a den of thieves."

All that these individuals want writers to believe, is in fact,

not what they claim. If a writer has truckloads of $$$, these individuals will

take your money and travel extensively all over the world (representing) your book/s, and

you pay their salaries. Run, do not walk, away from their lies and schemes.

One of their authors has been featured as "Author of the Month" for over a year!

He pays to enter book festivals etc. in foreign countries and he, himself attends

them, as well. He has tons of money, and they LOVE him! One of his books has been out

for three years and counting, and he has achieved nothing nor has AP advanced the

status of his book. Seasoned authors know that the life of a book, upon its release,

has a three-year life. Then it's dead.

I am a seasoned author for over 20 years, now contractually agented and moving forward.

Authors Press published & sold four of my books, and to date, I have recvd. no

legitimate sales report. Needless to say I have recvd. no royalties. I am owed

royalties for the last three quarters, Jan-Apr, Apr-July & July-Oct.

The company's employees are unprofessional, and they are masters of deceit.

A class action filed against AP should be filed, not just to recoup losses, but to take them

down, so that the company will never again SCAM aspiring or seasoned authors from losing their

money and having these crooks dash their dreams of publication and all that comes with

the hope of traditional publication. I considered my books an investment, however, I chose the broker poorly. Now, though I am out of a significant amount of money, I am moving on. My books are doing well, despite AP's denial of it. Research tells a different story.

I wish all who read this, much success in your future endeavors to "Make a Dream Come True."

FMI...I welcome you to visit my website

, US
Aug 27, 2021 12:38 pm EDT

I echo all these complaints. They took $1000 from me and then told me I will be represented in LA Book Fair in October. There is no event in October. Total scam artists. Why don't we start a class action suit together?

Authors Press
Pittsburg, California, US
Sep 22, 2021 2:57 pm EDT
Replying to comment of Fishead11!


Using the term "took" to describe how we let you pay $1000 for the LA Book Fair is a total overstatement and a word too strong and improper for a complaint with no valid grounds. I would like to emphasize that we are in no way capable of taking any amount of money from you without your permission and authorization, so I believe that the word "took" is not a word that you should use. We cannot get a hold of your card number and other personal information that will be used for billing purposes unless you or any customers willingly give it to us.

The term "total scam artists" is also not something that you should be saying to someone when the reason is something we have no control over. Let me clarify that there was supposed to be a virtual April 2021 LA Book Fair but was moved to October 2021 the same year. However, we have received a month or so ago that the event organizers will not push through with the virtual 2021 event due to the pandemic. The final information that we have as of now with regards to the schedule is that the LA Book Fair organizers are thinking of holding a physical event this coming April 2022. As of now, we are in the process of doing all the authors' service inclusions in preparation for the physical event in April of next year, this includes press releases, social media blasting, and other inclusions stated in your contract.

I hope that you will find the time to research more about the event schedules from what you deem as credible sources instead of starting a class action suit against us. I would like to ask for your patience and wait for the mass sending of inclusions of approvals to authors, including you, who will be featured in next year's physical event.

Thank you and have a great day. Stay safe.

Beverly Koribanic
, US
Aug 06, 2021 1:10 pm EDT

I recently got contacted again by Authors Press. The woman who called claimed my book is fantastic but I can tell she never read my book. I was originally contacted a few years back and paid for Kentucky book fair as well as Miami book fair. I couldn’t go to the Kentucky book fair but did go to the Miami one. They told me that my book would be prominently displayed and book markers would be made as well as business cards that would be distributed but marketers.. hmmmm... I walked the entire book fair and couldn’t find their booth. I then talked to someone at the fair who had all the booths and they told me that no booths were there that was named Authors Press... I was fuming. I called the person who promised me a lot to find out the booth wasn’t named Authors Press but another name. I then started my search for that name. I finally found it. That made me even fuming more. Found two people in a corner talking to each other and not trying to sell anything...not to mention that I had to search for my book since it wasn’t prominently displayed as promised. Book markers and business cards? I didn’t see any from any book... they were to remain open from start to finish. Hmmm that wasn’t true either. They closed early while other booths were still open and effectively marketing.
Now you may ask why am I writing this now?
I got called and I remembered the bad experience. So I looked up these complaints. I sent them to her and she said they got revamped and those people no longer worked there and these complaints were from another company based in India with the same name. I told her my complaint was with the United States company based in Pittsburg California.. she praised the bookstore but I sent books to their bookstore and never received proceeds or my books. She stated because I need them to market the book but didn’t I pay for that by those book fairs? And why stress they are the only one with a bookstore if they don’t actually sell a book? Plus how do I know if they sold one or didn’t sell one? I was getting a line of bull for a second time. I told her once bitten twice shy. I would strongly suggest skipping this publisher and buyer beware.. by the way I kept the pictures that I took during the Miami book fair of people in a corner conversing as well as the book being closed while others were open as well as the strange name the booth was named. I sent those to them at that time with no response...

Brick Town, US
May 20, 2021 10:49 am EDT

It happened to me Frankie Johnson was great until they got my money.

Authors Press
Pittsburg, California, US
Sep 22, 2021 3:17 pm EDT


I am appalled after hearing your bad experience with our previous consultant. However, the agent you have mentioned is currently not with us anymore.
We would have talked to her about this and offer suggestions on how to handle your service/s and concerns better.
Putting all 'excuses' aside, I apologize for giving you customer service that was not up to your satisfaction.

If you have questions and concerns kindly email us at
It would be much more appreciated if you give us your full name so we can check on what is the update of your service. Because as of the moment we don not have any name under Robertgrorge on our record.

K. Silver
, US
Sep 09, 2019 1:50 pm EDT

I totally agree, I paid $1000 for them to market my book at a book fair. They called me all the time before and during but now that I want the results after, I can't get ahold of anyone! Your calls always goes to a voice mail and rarely hear back via an email either! I asked for the rest of my books to be returned to me that they didn't sell or market to big house publishers as promised, it has been 2 weeks and still no books have been delivered. Do not work with them, it is a scam preying on your self-published hopes!

Abdul Q. Safi
, US
Apr 19, 2019 7:08 pm EDT
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This is a company of crooks. You will never get anything that is your money's worth. I paid them a total of $3400.00 to republish my book and make a book trailer for promoting it. I singed the agreement in January 2018 and they have not done anything yet. They neither return my phone calls nor they respond to my e-mail messages. If they answer my phone call, possibly unintentionally, they give me empty promises.

My advice is to stay away from these crooks and not waste your time and money because you you may not get anything from them that is worth your money.

Authors Press
Pittsburg, California, US
Sep 22, 2021 2:51 pm EDT

Hi Mr. Safi,
I am sorry for sending you this reply so late, however, please consider the things that I have to say. First of all, I cannot give you a detailed response in regards to the publishing and book trailer service that we have with us as there have already been some numerous changes of staff ever since you said you have signed for the services. Secondly, it would be much appreciated if you can review the emails you received from us because I doubt that our team haven't done anything, not one bit, to fulfill the services you availed, especially an amount so big, we do not take it lightly. I know that I am in no place to make excuses but do note that I have taken your complaint into account and will not stop until this is resolved, this is a little thing that we can do for you compared to the dissatisfaction and bad experience you have had with us. We will have this bad service noted so we can better serve others in the future. There is not much that I can say because as far as I know, we have been fulfilling publishing and marketing services that we have of our authors. Though, this may have been a lapse from one or both our sides, seeing as the service was availed 2 years ago and this complaint was posted last 2019 and just received a response now is completely our fault.
However, rest assured that our team will still be looking into the service/s that you have with us and look at the last update and progress we had for the said service/s. If we find something that we know may be of help to you, we will be sending them to you immediately. Hopefully, the contact info that we have (if we still manage to find them in our files) is your current and correct one.

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