Audiroutine maintenance

S Jul 31, 2019

I dropped my car off at 8:30 am Saturday 7/27/19. For my routine maintenance an was told later on that day they need me to pick it up Monday 7/29/19. Audi Cockeysville called me at 5pm to Pick up my Audi TT on 7/29/19. An everything was fine no leaks just need rear breaks they said. On 7/30/19 I called Audi Cockeysville to let them no my Brake light came on. An they assured oh it's just because u need rear breaks it probably just the sensor. So today 7/31/19. On my way home from work I almost ran into the back of a car (could have killed me an the car in front of me because my brake pedal went all the way to the floor. So I stop at the nearest parking popped the hood an saw there is no brake fluid at all. Which means the technician that did my routine maintenance did not an forgot to put brake fluid in there which almost cost me my life. Audi Cockeysville wants me to toll it to them an if they are not at fault which they are, I will not have to pay for the tow which from where I live would cost over $100 at least. I have been taken my Audi TT to that Dealer since 2016. An this is the first time anything like this happened at that dealership an I can no longer take my car there because it almost cost me my life. Something needs to be done about this so no one else goes threw this or possible dies. Headquarters needs to be advised an step in. I also have pictures an video to prove there was no brake fluid although this site only allows pictures to be uploaded. Also my coolent level was not top off it was left a the minimum line. I have a picture for that as well.

routine maintenance
routine maintenance

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