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Harvey Norman verified

promo - wine package from wolf blass

We recently purchased two appliances from Harvey Norman Armadale, Western Australia, during the Wolf Blass Bonus Wine Offer on Sunday 7 July 2019.

Each of our two appliances (an oven and a cooktop - refer to invoice details below) clearly displayed a sign that each was eligible for the bonus wine offer.

The salesperson, Emmanuel at the Armadale store in Perth, Western Australia, also specifically commented to us that we were ‘lucky' because our two purchases on that day would make us eligible for two wine bonus reward offers.

I have since been informed by Juanita, an employee from the Armadale office that I should have been provided with the Wolf Blass Bonus Offer Flyer which outlined the terms and conditions of this offer and that the salesperson had in fact given us incorrect information - It turns out that we were only eligible to receive the one reward offer under the terms of the offer which stipulates a price range to be spent on eligible items on the one invoice.

We feel most disappointed in doing business with Harvey Norman.

Surely customers should be made completely aware of the correct and full terms and conditions of any bonus offers which are, after all, intended to encourage the customers to buy the products in the promotional period when they might have waited a longer period or shopped elsewhere.

Indeed, the belief that we were getting the TWO bonus wine offers with our purchases certainly ‘sweetened' the deal at the time but now we feel the whole experience has been ‘soured' by the disappointment of this belated ‘revelation' of the terms/conditions.

In fact, had I been made aware of the terms and conditions, I would have purchased the two items on separate invoices on separate days because as it turned out - we collected and took home only one of our items at the time of purchase (on Sunday 7 July 2019) and were not able to collect our second item until four days later (Thursday, 11 July 2019) - having to make the extra effort to revisit the store on that day anyway.

Perhaps I should be more cautious and suspicious about Harvey Norman deals and offers from this point forward. I think in this case, Harvey Normal should honour the deal and provide us with a second case of wine.

Yours sincerely
Annika Van Der Heyden
Tax Invoice 962031
Assistant: 64 Epaul
WHG644SA - $499 (West/House 60cm 4BR INC WOK EASYIGNITE
WVE615SH - $749 (West/House 80L OVN HN EXC S/S)