Au Bon Painservice


Location of this store is:
300 Community Drive Manhasset, NY 11030, [protected]
This store is new, located in the heart of a very prestigious Health Center, North Shore Hospital.
I can tell from the beginning that here the service sucks! It is very slow, very unprofessional, without accountability or respect. The workers behave like they are in a continuous vacation, they talk among themselves while serving the customers, they drop utensils on the floor while making sandwiches, when they make a smoothie they take a hundred years and they cannot fit it in their own cup, so therefore you pay for your smoothie and it goes to them actually. The salad bar has old and brown lettuce thrown all over the place, old eggs and old cheese.The most popular coffee "Morning Blend" is never refreshed in time, you have to wait until they refresh all other coffees and then they'll bring this one. The milk and cream are always in dirty containers. The owners need to come down here and straighten this place up!

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