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On fri, 5 / 28 / 10, atlanticexpresscargo alantic <[protected]> wrote:

From: atlanticexpresscargo alantic <[protected]>
Subject: hello customer
To: [protected]
Date: friday, 28 may, 2010, 2:50 pm

Customer line +[protected]

Attn: miss vergie d. Saniel

Order number: apce:[protected]
Ref no: atlantic express and cargo:2867006 / 400

We have received and read through your email. Madam your parcel is in malaysia custom. The custom has hold the parcel due to some local registration charges, the allowed any package and they have to charge for the clearance tax before they can release the parcel. We have tried to contact you these morning by calling and calling but we can't get through, we hope that madam could provide your contact to us so that we can contact you when needed.

We advise you madam should made the payment for the clearance tax the sum [350usd] only so as to enable us to get the parcel out from the custom and send it to you madam without any delay as the parcel cannot be pending long at the custom because of the valuable things inside. There is nothing to do with philippines courier services, our service is international and nationwide door to door express delivery service to you madam.

The following is our accounts officer details:

Accounts officer's western union name: mr john ikechukwu ononogbo.
Address kuala lumpur malaysia. :

As soon as you have make the payment you are advice to forward the payment slip to us for our record. If madam should have any enquiry please do not hesitate to call the customer help line. We deliever by 11;30am our time here tomorow morning after confermation of your payment. Please send us your correct mobile number immediately

Mr. John ikechukwu ononogbo
Head, customer proposition.
Atlantic - express and cargo mail.
Australia, united kingdom, us, asia & africa.


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      May 28, 2010

    On Fri, 5/28/10, Atlanticexpresscargo Alantic <[protected]> wrote:

    From: Atlanticexpresscargo Alantic <[protected]>
    To: [protected]
    Date: Friday, 28 May, 2010, 2:50 PM

    CUSTOMER LINE +[protected]


    Order Number: APCE:[protected]
    Ref No: ATLANTIC EXPRESS AND CARGO:2867006/400

    We have received and read through your email.MADAM your parcel is in Malaysia Custom. The Custom has hold the parcel due to some local registration charges, the allowed any package and they have to charge for the clearance tax before they can release the parcel. We have tried to contact you these morning by calling and calling but we can't get through, We hope that MADAM could provide your contact to us so that we can contact you when needed.

    We advise you MADAM should made the payment for the clearance tax the sum [350USD] only so as to enable us to get the parcel out from the Custom and send it to you MADAM without any delay as the parcel cannot be pending long at the Custom because of the valuable things inside. There is nothing to do with PHILIPPINES courier services, our service is international and nationwide door to door express delivery service to you MADAM.

    The following is our accounts officer details:

    Accounts officer's western union name: MR JOHN IKECHUKWU ONONOGBO.
    Address kuala lumpur malaysia. :

    As soon as you have make the payment you are advice to forward the payment slip to us for our record. If MADAM should have any enquiry please do not hesitate to call the customer help line.we deliever by 11;30am our time here tomorow morning after confermation of your payment.please send us your correct mobile number immediately

    Head, Customer Proposition.
    ATLANTIC- Express AND CARGO Mail.
    Australia, United Kingdom, Us, Asia & Africa.

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      Dec 19, 2010

    hi mr john, my friend has a package on your cargo..he is complaint because your cargo take expensive charge with his package and he said your cargo being fraud..he is already payment but you asked for more the payment with unclear reason..and your agent can not explain in detail what charge is it..i think you should give good service to customers and can provide proof to their belief that your validity of cargo customers not doubt..thank you

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      Feb 01, 2011

    Just to announce to everyone all over the world, the scamsters are using ATLANTIC EXPRESS and CARGO to extract payments for clearance of parcels from Malaysian customs. Please be very careful about responding to any requests to make payments to clear unsolicited parcels from Malaysian Customs. and be AWARE

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  • T
      Feb 05, 2011

    Certain mr Clinton Jones, mr Smith Jones and mr Leonard Ikenna Asinike are the group scammer. They pretend to court somebody, make love and they poor afterwards.please readers, be careful of this scammer group.

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      Apr 27, 2011

    Dear Sir,
    My name is Tanty from Indonesia, I have a package from Londod on your service, but today i got a phone call from the malaysian atlantic express, Mr. FRANK WILFRED
    Head, Customer Propositions
    saying that the package was detained by your company / customs, im not sure, because it has a cash money in it and i have to pay US$2430 for the settlement fee. would you please check and convince me that my precious package is in your hand and to whom should I pay for the fee.
    the package is from Mr. (dr.) Barry Ricky - London, addressed to Tanty Sutia-Indonesia, code on the sender column shown AEAC/00/1900/08 sent on 4/25/2011. please advice. i attach the receipt of the cargo.
    Thank you for your concern and look forward for your information. pls call me at +62 [protected] or +62 [protected] / [protected] / [protected]

    Best regards
    Tanty Sutia.

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  • I
      Apr 28, 2011

    Dear Sir
    My name Ismail from Peneng Island, i have a parcel from UK on your service, last time i chek from Mr Isacc Rusell Paul got some thing wrong. he ask me bank in the money to personal account at CIMB bank. he said can paid half first then the parcel can deliverd to me. but after i paid Rm 600 to her account, his call me then told the parcel cant sent to me coz menagment not allowed. i refer to my friend and his call to customer service. when he ask about the company and weight the parcel Mr isacc said the weight is 9.025 kg only that meant my parcel loss 6kg and never give the address . pleass chek back my parcel and told the truth where is my parcel now, and i do want paid to personal account. give me the company account for the transaction.

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      Aug 10, 2011

    AWARE to The scamers. In this case, the consignor of packaging/parcel (maybe he/she is ur close friend on online) is apart of scamers. They joining in scaming mafia. He or she entering your life smothly as you believe and so care of him/her. So that you will do anything, include when he/she ask you send money to pay a tax and charges of the parcel/packaging. Remember, the consignor/sender of parcel or packing is apart of scamers. Here sample of email from scamers that I got.


    Invoice Date: 05/08/2011
    Invoice No.: AEAC/00/1900/08
    Due Date: 08 /08/2011

    This is a notice that an invoice has been generated on 29/07/2011.
    Invoice Description:
    Special luggage consignment - local handling and delivery charges.
    Consignor: MR, BROWN KELVIN
    beneficiary: RATNA SASTIKA

    Charges Details:With honor and respect we wrote towards the consignment sent by MR BROWN KELVIN .has arrive successfully at the transit point Malaysia, But due to the nature and weight of the consignment, the rule of the country that all inter country goods encore a tax and
    clearance, your consignment encore($170USD ) for tax charges and ($450USD) for clearance charges all accumulated
    to ($620 USD). six hundred and twenty US dollar

    This must Be paid by Western Union Money transfer.
    You can make the payment into the Information below.

    send the payment information: Name and MTCN control number as prove of payment
    Once the payment is made, the head office will confirm and and give a directive to deliver your items to your address., The delivery officers are waiting to deliver to you.

    We are glad to service you better
    for any information and inquire please contact us via: E-mail: [protected]

    Overseas Worldwide Shipping Co
    Customer Service
    © 2009 Copyright © Overseas Worldwide Shipping Co. All rights reserved.
    Terms of Service - Copyright/IP Policy To learn more about how we use your
    information, see our Privacy Policy


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  • M
      Aug 12, 2011

    good day! i received an email from your office .. that my package was hold coz of some requirements i need to comply .. the said certificate and tax clearance which is amounted ali in all 3500 usd.. now im trying to provide that amount in order to cope up the said days given.. and im very pressured coz its a big amount too.. hope that my parcel wil be safety. and im expecting a good service from you rcompany regarding these matters.. im very much willing to pay that amount coz its compulsory and prove that im using the said amount for the assistance of my family and kids.. as of present hard for me to send right away the payment .. and im trying to ask favor til end of month.. but . as your comapny said it wil be freeze buy the malaysian govt. .. I'm begging that this things really important for our kids send by my husband..hoping your kind and consideration... and i talked to yuor pfficer today that i will try to send by monday.. and what will happen if i have delayed payment? still i can claim my package? very upset of the short days given to me.. and b4 im asking to wait until end of month.. but.. hope your compamy will give me chances to comply it.. until the day i promised..expecting a consideration from company.. thank you so much .. an MORE power! god bless..

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  • Y
      Sep 10, 2011

    hello everyone
    i was duped into believing a person might be falled in love with me on the net. He claimed to be Mr. Alex Jason from London and currently working in the O&G company by the name of Blackpool. He sent me an air way bill from AEAC said to contain gifts plus USD nots totalling 100k. The local Malaysian rep lady named Ms. LLiisa Wong requested me to bank in RM 1, 8OO for clearance fee, RM 3, 600 for insurance fee and lastly asked me to arrange USD9, 800 for a "Anti Money Laundering Act Certificate" for me to clear my package. I was so nervous because she said something on money laundering but now I realizes that I was being duped will a very structured scams like this. PLEASE BE AWARE OF ANYTHING RELATES TO ATLANTIC EXPRESS AND CARGO OR XPRESS COURIER SERVICE COMPANY. I lost RM 5400 to this scam and luckily I was not drawn into paying the USD9800. Thank God the Al-Mighty.

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  • H
      Sep 19, 2011
    atlantic express n cargo - shipment
    United States

    hai i want to know if this airway bill receipt exis or not...thank you

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  • H
      Apr 04, 2012

    All the comments here nonsense cause their is real and existing Atlantic Express And Cargo, why you guy contact them to confirm first just writing comments here don't you know all this is effecting the real company be wise people, i dont know why he owner of site should allow this kind of people to write here what about you pay money before you can post a comment can you be able to come up here and talk nonsense, I will advice the owner of this site to delete all this and be checking very we and have good evidence before allowing such things again.

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      Jun 08, 2012

    To: "Atlantic Express Cargo" <[protected]>

    I received a bill / invoice from the atlantic express and cargo, but now I do not know where I have to take the goods. Please help me, information to can receive package sent to me. Where the sender of the package is Mr. Alex Fletcher of Unitet Kingdom (UK) with phone number +[protected], +44 [protected], and route no. 0011AB399, Date 1/6/2012, time is 3.35 pm and receive package is Elfrida Saragi from Indonesia (+[protected]). Here I attach the bill atlantic express and cargo.
    I hope the atlantic express and cargo can provide information on me. Thank you.

    Elfrida Saragi, Indonesia

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  • F
      Jul 02, 2012

    hello..i also being fooled by a fb friend from uk...said there was a present n money inside the box...and have to pay usd400...then she ask me to bank in the money in the personal account...all are RM4200.00. On the next day the sender came to malaysia to settle the parcel...and ask me to pay more about Rm1500...i wish i cn get my money back...being fooled really...### people...

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  • E
      Jul 15, 2012

    Pls check my parcel from Mr. John Glibarth, ref. AEAC/OO/1900/08 which he sent out on July 13 and let me know the delivery to Malaysia.

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  • J
      Sep 01, 2012


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      Oct 13, 2012

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    I put 8, 000british pounds inside your BAG, And i want you to use the money and take good care of yourself before i will come down to your country next month 4th November, to get visit you and i will like to do vestment in your country too and settle down with you over there and i want to let you know again that i will travel to Spain tomorrow been on Thursday there's contract government of Spain want me to come and negotiation before i will sign, also will came back on Tuesday or Wednesday, But the ATLANTIC EXPRESS AND CARGO didn't know about the money i input inside the package, so don't let anyone know there's money inside the package, is all the list and the airway bill of your gift, the company will make delivery to your address give me because i gave them your contact information and how to make delivery to the company say you will pay the little local charges in your country like 450dollar or 500dollar that what them told me but them didn't told me how much you will pay that's why i put 8, 000britishpounds inside the package...make sure that you make the payment and let the company deliver your gift to you Immediate.remember the gift is too expensive i spend alot money for that gift plus money i put inside the package flight is taking off at 11:45am UK time, As I am among 4 people that shall be representing my company in Spain" .I can’t stop to think of you even though I know there is a distance and ocean that separated us now but my mind shall continue to stretch till it get to be with you over there in your country, here is my number you will use to contact me, , , , [protected], , u can sms me on this number, , , , and call on this number, , , [protected], , i love you with all my heart, take care,

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    23 hours ago
    Nene Wilson
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    17 hours ago
    Adam Wilson
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    11 hours ago
    Nene Wilson

    2 hours ago
    Adam Wilson
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    6 minutes ago
    Nene Wilson
    o i thought u r real person.i'm waisting my time to you.please stop making many victims.i know already i search the company i read some comments.i know u have send a package to sharagi if i'm not mistaken shes from indonesia you are part of scammers.the number that u used in calling is same what she write. how could you do this to me.

    3 minutes ago
    Nene Wilson

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  • N
      Oct 13, 2012


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  • K
      Feb 17, 2013

    hi can you please advice where is the office of atlantic cargo express courier here in dubai-uae. thank you...

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  • C
      Feb 20, 2013

    Dear Madam,

    Thanks for your e-mail but
    Sorry to tell you that I'm not going to pay anything. I am not a fool person to send a money with you amounting usd 999.00 do you that for the amount your
    AskiÑg to me I can buy my own laptop and iphone as per the package item, I don't care if there is a money inside of it..or else you can return to the person who sent it to you :)

    I alreaÐy search your company prÓfile and I founÐ a site telling a lot of experience about you guys

    Guy§ if your giving informat
    Ion about ur company pls make sure that there is nÓ different infÓrmatÍÓn Ànd makÉ sure the time different when it was been travel send and time you received it in your area LÓL

    Thanks to the people who put a lots of complaint about your company. I almost to belived you guys very good scammer :-)

    To let you know guys I have a family also working in the custom and I know what is the real procedure of holdng the cargo :) if its really need to paye for it...I should payee that here in my custom whereever I am to make sure that I'm really receiving the package item in the good condition :) sorry again guys hope no more victim...I know there still some people that easy to believe for the nice wording your doing it :) but sorry its not me guys :)...thanks to my god :)...
    ------- ---------
    On Mon, Feb18, 013 5:17

    >No.68 Jalan SS11/5, 62500 Subang Jaya, Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia.
    >Tracking Number: AT52045583297
    >Att Madam Emily Pereda
    > Further to our correspondence. To expedite the process of releasing your package please go to post office and make the payment through Western Union Money Transfer with the name and information appear below due to time frame so that your parcel will be delivered to you as soon as possible.
    >Name:Kharulnizam Bin Talib
    >Address: No 1 Jalan Menara Gading 1, Taman Connaught 56000 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
    >Immediately after payment is done, Immediately after payment is done, Get back to us on email with the information of payment.
    >1. Name of the person that Deposited the money in Western Union: (first name and last name)
    >2. Address:
    >3. Amount sent:
    >4. Mtcn Number:
    >Conclusion: As soon as we receive confirmation and evidence of payment of the charges, we will dispatch your parcel immediately within few hours to your designated address. Yellow tag will be placed on your parcel so no arm of Government will stop your parcel again, your parcel will be delivered to you successful and in good condition. I also wish to let you know that your parcel is still very much OK. The expected time of delivery will be sent to you after confirming your payment.
    >For more inquire:
    >Best Regards.
    >Miss Kharulnizam, /MD Mrs Nadiana
    >South East Asia Regional Co-ordinator

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  • C
      Feb 20, 2013

    please be aware of the people you have meet in the social networking especially people in LONDON...may be they just use that place but the real this people is in MALAYSIA only...once the CARGO ask for money BECAREFUL...hence this is SCAMMER procedure ONLY, lets not believe them...because if OUR CARGO HAS A PROBLEM IT SHOULD BE A PROBLEM first thing on LONDON Custom itself...NOW IF the CARGO/PACKAGE HAS a CUSTOM payment if ever the payment SHOULD BE IN LAST DESTINATION when you can see the cargo/package already and the cargo is also in a good condition...because custom itself will ask you to open the CARGO/PACKAGE for them to make it sure that what ever is inside of that package if is allowed or not allowed...hope that all of us not to believe in NICE AND SWEET MESSAGE from this PLAYING PEOPLE/SCAMMER PEOPLE...because we all work for ourself in a good way not on the bad way. HENCE PLEASE DONT WASTE OUR MONEY TO THEM...GODBLESS ALL!!!

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  • L
      Apr 15, 2013

    Last few days someone i just knew said he is sending valuable items to me that is including cash 25, 000 pounds. I believed this a scam because i have the same experienced before from different courier company. The man said i should received the items in 4 days time and it expected whats going to happen.

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  • J
      Oct 22, 2013

    This morning i received call from Girl Name Ms. HERWINNA STELLA ANAK ASAN - MALAYSIA Mob No: +[protected] telling they that hold my parcel from My SO cALLED friend in London (+[protected]) because there was money (200, 000 British pounds) inside the box. She asked me to send 1000 USD . When i asked my SO CALLED friend, hes telling he sent all his money in the box and he cant arrange 1000 USD.. great.. Thanks i read all the post here before giving my money for free.

    Just be aware that this bloody scammers are still alive!!!

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  • G
      Nov 01, 2013

    Don't trust this mother ###ers n no one should get scam, guys n girls b wise don't b fool by this ###ers

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  • Q
      Feb 05, 2014

    Hello madam,

    You are to make the payment in a bank to be sent here and below is the custom officers account information.

    Account name: Herwinna Stella Anak Asan.
    Bank name: CIMB
    Account number: [protected]
    Swift code: CIBBMYKL
    Bank Address: Lot 2691-2 Block 10 KCLD 3rd mile rock road, 93200, Kuching, Sarawak. Malaysia.

    Please kindly attach us with the payment slip when done as an evidence of payment.

    Thanks for choosing F.S Courier Services.

    Mr John Martins.

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  • J
      Sep 08, 2014

    Some one message me thru social networking site telling me that he send me a package with this Atlantic Express And Cargo . then called by a phone this morning that it will arrived this day but the problem a pilipino netizen called me again and said that the package cant be released because i need to pay 19 thousand .. is this some kind of scam ? i want also to know if their is a Roger Philipe send for me . Im Joceclyn Feyerabend located at Pangasinan, Philippines. The one who send is from London United kingdom. Please Message me ! in my email: [protected] thank you ! this is the photo of the said Shipment.

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  • J
      Sep 08, 2014

    Yeah, thanks for the responce but the man told me he bring me to court and hesisitate me to get his package .. what will i do with this, this is his contact number [protected]

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  • L
      Jun 07, 2015

    I just want to know, from Atlantic Express & Cargo why they are letting these people use their Company name, they should find out about these people and put them behind bars. It's gonna effect their services to all over the world. And the other thing is no one will trust them. Some body has to do something about it. Because I just have a box deliver too. But I have to pay $2, 100US I can't believe it, cause if I send a package I paid for everything so the receiver just pick it up when it's arrive or they just deliver it to the address on the package..

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  • N
      Dec 15, 2015

    hi, , i am waiting package from london to hochiminh city in vietnam..please sent agent atlantic express address in vietnam to me..

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  • N
      Dec 15, 2015

    hi sir.
    i have small package from london city to hochiminh city in receiving day is 12th december 2015.but today is 15th december 2015, but i still do not receive yet...and morning today i received messenger from malaysia...they say i must pay 2000 rm before my package to vietnam..why i must pay charges in malaysia while, my package from england to vietnam..and my husband paid in london

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  • M
      May 12, 2016

    I have a cargo fr a so called friend fr had reached Malaysia, and the agent fr Aeac had called me asking 2500 for clearance of the box.She ask me bsnk in the 2500 to a personal account, hence I cant provide that amount, she put my box to security box deposit, im not sure of that.the ff day, put in the money in a personal she gives.after that, she told me to pay again 7600 for that security company scanned my parcel n found out got currency in it, so 7600 was a penalty for the currency inside my parcel.she said I can pay 2 x but in the same month.f I fail we r facing police report n she said that the interpol will b interferring 4 the parcel is illegal n the security dont want to keep such parcel.after paying all those bill n clearances the parcel was illegal, f so why did it passed the london point of checking n malaysian custom.Pls clarify this kind of procedure.Is there a tendecy that this s fraud or scam 4 she s not willing to give the full name of the company n telephone no to find out f there s really parcel.

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  • Z
      Apr 18, 2017

    kindly reply me for the confirmation is this receipt bill is original or fake amiability reply me on this email

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  • N
      Jun 27, 2017

    Hi? I'm from Kenya on Friday last week 23/6/017 l received a phone call from Mombasa city that my parcel under reference I'd AEAC/00/1900/08 that my parcel had reached and they requested l pay them 8000/= for me to clear them... Can l know if this is true

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  • T
      Jan 26, 2018

    Is it possible that I have to pay for my parcel to personal account nd is it possible that I have to pay R50, 000 for the parcel weigh 75.8 kg why so much money even if it's 75.8 kg. Waiting for response.

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  • S
      Mar 26, 2018

    Dear Sir/Madam
    I want to ask about my package that my boy friend sent me last Teusday as a gift for me from UK. 2 days later, from India, a person called me and requested 400 $ for my package scanning in India Custom, after paying, he called me and requested for 1545 $ again .He told me, there is money in the package and they have to issue Anti money Laundering Certificate.
    But I do not know it is right? And actually where is my package, because I dont success for finding it in following process.
    Despite of above, I donot have any bank account out of my country and it is impossible for me?
    Please help me for solving this subject
    Best Regards

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  • D
      Dec 23, 2018

    today I got this message, from my chat friend but I don't know who he is, so I want to ask this is fake or original if anyone knows the answer please chat with me in this email [protected] thankz you

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  • M
      Oct 27, 2019

    Hello ! I have a problem, I have a very unreliable knowledge of me who lives in the US and claims to have transferred a package. the concern here is that the package did not come directly to Nigeria but to Cameroon, because it was the only flight available today to Africa. now it is posed the following problem: the package must be transferred to my country Cameroon but it still asks me expenses. please answer me, I would like to know if this is not a scam.

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