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Atlanta Cattle ExchangeDo not work for or purchase from them.

This is a company I made the mistake of Contracting with. They advertise jobs and salaries falsely almost daily. I worked with them in Cumming, GA for a short period of two weeks, and canceled my contract after some of the tactics I learned about.

This company routinely hires manager's and route sales driver's with criminal backgrounds, drug and alcohol problems, etc. I say this because during training, almost daily, their driver's would show up for work either still stoned, drunk, or hung over from the previous night. There is ZERO background checks on employee's and no drug screening, ever.

Their operation is to consign meats, seafood, and chicken packages to the driver's to sell door to door from the back of truck with a freezer. They charge the driver's a high monthly fee to use their trucks, unless they have one of their own to use. Driver's pay for fuel 100% from their own pockets. The salesmen/saleswomen (rare) use high pressure sales tactics to push the meat products daily on local communities at peoples homes or businesses.

The meats themselves are usually of good quality, USDA inspected. But, you could get older meats that are being pushed to be sold first. The average wholesale cost for most of the CASES of meat average $38-$68 for the driver-contractor. He then sells it to the public for up to $350 per case or more. They have a lot of room to play with the prices, but it is a huge markup.

At one time, when I was foolish enough to work for this company after buying meats from them, I didn't have a problem allowing them on my property and even in my home. That changed after meeting and working with the managers and owner's of the company. They had no problem bragging about their criminal records and time spent in prison, nor showing off the different tattoo's they got while serving time.

Since I live in the area of the Cumming, GA office, many complaints have been filed on this company by both former employee's (like myself) and customer's they suckered into buying meats at the highly inflated rates.

My advice to the public, when you see them in your area, meet them at the door with your shotgun and run them off! Or if you don't pack a gun, call your local police department and file a complaint. Under no circumstances, should you ever let them into your home. If you like the meats and the price, negotiate with the driver in your front yard. They prefer cash, and even though I've not experienced or heard of any problems when using a credit card with them, I'd be reluctant just based on the practices I saw personally.

They do operate (Barely) legally, and I can't accuse them of any crime. But think of the Used Car salesman and how you can tell if he is lying to you. If his lips are moving, he is lying. The same is true with the sales tactics of this company, and even what they say to potential drivers to work for them.

They have a huge employee turnover rate, other than the ex-con managers (Unless they get arrested again).

I often complain when I see their false claims on employment ads.

And for any of the Atlanta Cattle Exchange managers that see this posting, it's nothing I haven't said to your face nor anything stated has been falsified. You know that, and that's why I never hear anything in retaliation. You know me, my address, and the fact I have no problem shoving a gun up the noses up your crooked salesmen and driver's and telling them to get off my property...or else.

My suggestion to Atlanta Cattle Exchange. Stop hiring ex cons, drunks, and drug attics. Try being truthful to the public, and fair with the prices and the treatment of your driver's. Then you won't have to change the company name every few years.

For the public, I learned first hand why the sales staff had to travel long distances into rural mountain areas to make any sales. The local communities near their offices quickly got wise to the scams and people near their offices refuse to do business with them. I've only seen two of their trucks in this area in the last few years. The most recent less than a week ago.

The driver's have no issues with ignoring "No Trespassing" or "Posted" signs on your properties. They do have trouble entering with guard dogs, like I have, inside fences.


  • Ge
    GeorgeSpelvin Nov 18, 2010

    I immediately looked up this company because yesterday, they showed up in our neighborhood. We live in a moderately upscale neighborhood and it was a little suspicious for two guys who looked like ex-cons to be going door-to-door. They had a white truck and the insignia on the truck made it look a bit like a government or utility company vehicle from a distance. Maybe that's part of the scam -- make you unsure if they are on official business. Regardless, they walked into our open garage and knocked instead of going to the front door. My wife was immediately regretful that she even opened the door -- these two guys looked like they were straight out of the state pen. The worst thing was, we have a little girl and one guy (late 20's/early 30's) was eyeing her up and down in the most grotesque way. We are now wanting to find out if this company hires registered sex offenders, because this guy practically had "pedophile" stamped on his forehead. I'm documenting the exact time and vehicle number, too -- in case we get robbed. That's how much of think of this company and it's felonious employees.

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  • Ki
    kingconch Apr 27, 2010

    This company may well be a little out of whack, but that's essentially how the sales business is these days. It's a shark tank and the customer is the bait. It doesn't mater how much the company pays for the meat. That's called selling. And I have seen the product and the prices and it is a deal even at almost a 800% mark-up. I know it sounds crazy but if you went to the store you would pay double their price. Furthermore, what is wrong with hiring ex-cons. That's why they are EX-CONS. So what would your rather the man who has paid his debt to society do? They must eat as well. Do you want to continue to give your tax dollars to their daily diet? Or even worse would you rather force this human being into a no choice survival situation because they cannot get honest work and have them rob you or kill u for money for food? DUMMY! Or would you rather see them go out everyday and try to make an honest living and paying their taxes? Don't be foolish...

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  • Jw
    JW Duncan Mar 08, 2010

    This is from Monday 3/8/2010
    I knew immediate who the ad belonged to before I even checked the phone number from reverse look up. The lies continue from this company.

    Source: Gainesville Times, Gainesville, GA

    Ad Text
    7 HARD WORKERS wanted. 21+yrs w/ good D/L. $200-300 cash daily. Call today start tomorrow. [protected]

    Reverse Phone Number Look up:
    Atlanta Cattle Exchange - Chestatee, GA [protected] ...

    Atlanta Cattle Exchange 4250 Keith Bridge RD 0 Cumming, GA [protected]-6067 home & garden agricultural production. - Cached - Similar
    Atlanta Cattle Exchange - Cumming, Georgia (GA) | Company Profile

    Phone: [protected]. Website: Information not found (?) Business Categories. Meat-Retail in Cumming, GA Refrigeration Warehouse/Storage*, Meat Markets ...

    Show map of 4250 Keith Bridge Rd, Cumming, GA [protected] - Cached - Similar
    Atlanta Cattle Exchange - Cumming, GA - [protected] | YPMetro

    [protected]; 4250 Keith Bridge Rd, Cumming, GA, 30041. - Cached
    678-456-xxxx [Cumming, GA] Phone Numbers | WhitePages

    [protected] · Bookprinting Solut... [protected] · Ingenico [protected] · Briot Usa [protected] · Cima Networks [protected] ... - Cached

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  • Jw
    JWDuncan Feb 28, 2010

    desidavy, You and I actually met. I know you are one of the managers at the Keith Bridge location, and even was riding with a driver you were training. You and I even talked about the fact I worked for the company briefly and why I left. I watched your New Driver use the same High Pressure sales tactics and even slam the boxes down heavily on the back of the truck (as taught) to make them sound heavier. He went through the script he was coached near perfectly, except I already knew what he was going to say.

    At the time I was there, Atlanta Cattle Exchange wasn't charging the drivers for the use of the trucks. You confirmed you are paying a monthly fee that eats into your own profit and salary.

    I know the work is hard. I've been an independent Contractor for over 21 years and I am used to working as a contractor. Being Self Employed, even working for another company indirectly, we don't make money if we don't work. It's never a 9-5 job and you often work longer hours, nights, and weekends. As some to the driver's do with Atlanta Cattle Exchange. I know they often work hours when people can be expected to be home so they can try for residential sales.

    The Hard Work doesn't bother me, it's the criminals there that do. You claim to have been their twelve years? Maybe, but I only met you once and it was on the road then. So that tells me one of two things, you are either blind to the truth about your office, or a liar. Which is it? Still the same problem I had with you and other managers. You choose to lie and as another person stated, hide behind Jesus and God.

    For me, I've been in jail many times. But as a former cop locking up crooks. I can say if I were still a cop, I'd sit outside your office waiting for the driver's to come and go. I know I could catch a few DUI's and some without licenses, and even with drugs on their person or in their trucks. How do I know? I rode with some of those driver's.

    Is that cute stripper still working in the front office that comes in hungover or drunk every Monday? Does her boyfriend still drive for you? He also comes in drunk or hungover often. Your managers think it's okay to put him in your company owned trucks to drive around Georgia anyway. Why?

    Either way I don't care. I would agree that your company seems to comply with USDA regulations, and the meat is of fair to good quality. Sometimes about the same as the better grocery stores, but often more pricey.

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  • Jw
    JWDuncan Feb 28, 2010

    For the record, especially in the neighborhood I live in...even if they are selling "Jesus" and especially JEHOVAH's witnesses, I run these brainwashed cults off my property too. Friends and co-workers are always welcome, along with local cops and fireman, UPS and mail carriers I know. Strangers are not welcome here due to the high crime rate. There was gunfire and cops within a block of me just this morning at 3:17am. Anyone that ignores my "No Trespassing" signs and locked gate, I consider them breaking in and criminals.

    For the religious nut above, if it works for you then that's great. But try this, ask your manager about how he got his tattoo's. He'll be proud to tell you about the prison gangs and his time served for trafficking drugs to your kids.

    If they have since cleaned up their act that would be great. But judging from the misleading jobs ads they run continuously, and every single week year round, the turn over rate must still be high. Mainly when the "Independent" driver-contractors develop morals or had them in the first place, and want no part of dealing with them and ruining their own reputations locally. Others leave when they discover the company is ripping them off with the salary they promised.

    By the way, I attempted to work my butt off...but difficult when you go in a 8am and your "Trainer" is hung over, stoned, wants you to pay his gasoline fill ups, and even goes to Norcross at Pleasant Hill and Buford Highway daily to bang his Girlfriend (or boyfriend) for a nooner with a trainee riding with him. Reporting this to the manager's, they didn't give a damn one way or the other.

    This area of Georgia is overrun with the Bible Belt Click, the Good Ole Boy Network (aka the Dixie Mafia), and other crooked business owners. Atlanta Cattle Exchange is in the top as the worst, now that the former Airport Shuttle service owned by George Robins went under. I'm still looking for him to collect the money he owes me, others are hunting him to get rid of him. If you find him, let me know. Don't knock him off before I collect, then you can do what you want with him...just don't tell me about it.

    There are other companies like Kayne Industries in Buford, GA that run false job ads for "managers" high pay, etc. But when you show up for the interview, at least they tell you then you are supposed to buy their overpriced Kirby Vacuum cleaners, then go door to door and resell them. Nothing to do with the job at all. They also call it "Carpet Tech" positions.

    Here's some sources to back me up, they are in the paper online almost daily. (95% of the jobs in their classifieds are fake or scams)

    These are the ones I often check in NE Georgia. There are others near the Lawerenceville, GA offices that are in Atlanta area Job Ads. I don't have any direct knowledge of the people at this office, only the one on Keith Bridge Rd. in Cumming, GA.

    Now my disclaimer, even with the false job ads they are still running as of 2/2/2010, If they have since replaced the bad managers I'm speaking of from about 3-4 years ago and cleaned up their act, fired the bad employee's, and are trying to treat the public right, then good for them and keep it up.

    Anyone is welcome to check them out for yourself. My advice is should you choose to, don't hand anyone a dime of your money. Don't give them more than two weeks of your time unpaid. Don't sign the contract they offer you until you understand it fully, and make sure you have an "Out Clause" they won't cause you financial harm if you tell them to Stuff it where the sun doesn't shine.

    For the "Independent Contractors" that are working for them now. Have you noticed you have to drive 50+ miles and even into South Carolina to find New Customers willing to talk to you? How much repeat business are you getting at least monthly? Are you truly making $600-$1000 per week after you pay all your expenses? Are just barely breaking even or getting by?

    For the "Good Drivers" (and even managers) working for this company with a sense of decency about you, I don't include you in this group. They do get some excellent people, but they generally loose them once they see the inside operations. I truly hope they did clean up their act. But judging from other posts more recent than my original post and the ads they are still running, it doesn't appear that way.

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  • St
    stunner1 Feb 01, 2010

    Commenting back on the last post, A NON JAILER, excuse me lol.

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  • St
    stunner1 Feb 01, 2010

    This job is for criminals. Just going to be frank with everyone. The salary like the original guy posted is all made up and dont tell you up front that this is a sales job. The selling tactics are terrible and sometimes criminal. Its a horrible work environment and its true almost all the people if not all are junkies and jail people. I was out of work about a year ago and went in and had to leave after about an hour. I was like this is unreal, lol. The worst part about it too is that they try to use God and mix it with the business. God is obviously not apart of this business just by seeing the way the managers teach the people. They asked to give a hands of the people there who ever been locked up and I can honestly say that day with about 100 people i was the only one who was a jailer. This is a job for people who have no where else to go and life is falling apart. I cant believe that they are even still in business, lol, wow. On my final note, maybe you can make a little change doing this job but its not guaranteed money as posted, liars. As for me, Ill just stick to finishing up med school.

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  • De
    desidavy Nov 18, 2009

    and also sold furniture huge mark up are you gonna not buy furniture lol, everything is a huge markup! do you think wallie world pays $4 for a toothbrush? NO they pay a dollar because they buy them in bulk and the next time you order a pizza well it cost them $. 75 cents for the pizza you just paid $17 for. it is what makes the world go round!!!

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  • De
    desidavy Nov 18, 2009

    also with the cattle exchange, been doing this job for 12 years, sounds like this guy just couldn't do the job, that's okay it's not for everyone. i work hard, own my own home and hopefully getting my kids into college from this job. it is a career just like any other. we all have to make a living somehow that's all we are doing. i am PROUD of my career and love the company i represent!!

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  • I am currently employeed by the Cattle Exchange Company. I am a hard working person who is trying to support my family. I have never been in trouble with the law or taken drugs. It is true that some people may not be the best of characters but no person I have met have ever been in trouble with the law for dangerous crimes. A few people have been in trouble for petty crimes. Like any company a few bad apples ruin it for the rest of us. I have never used false tactics to sell meat and I do not over price the meat. I check the stores prices and mark the meat I sell to be a bargain. The meat is of high quality and I have never had a customer complaint. I have many repeat customers. You should never allow any person you do not know into your home. I have never asked or invited myself into a potential customer's home. If someone from Cattle Exchange comes to your home simply tell them you are not interested and they will leave. I have seen many comments that people will show them a gun. These statements are ridiculous becasue these people do not want to harm you, only sell a product. It is also illegal to point a gun at someone even if they are on your property. Would you pull a gun on a Christian coming to talk about Jesus? These people mean you no harm just rememebr that every company gets complaints and if you google any store or company than you would never shop or buy from anywhere!

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  • Jw
    JW Duncan Apr 09, 2009

    Additional details on offices in Georgia I know about. Also, this company is known under different names. Southern Foods and similar names.

    Local business results for Cattle Exchange near Atlanta, GA

    Atlanta Cattle Exchange

    6732 Highway 85, Riverdale - [protected]
    3 reviews, directions, and more »

    Atlanta Cattle Exchange
    4250 Keith Bridge Rd, Cumming - [protected]
    2 reviews, directions, and more »
    More results near Atlanta, GA »
    Atlanta Cattle Exchange Complaints - Door-to-door meat sellers rip ...

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