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Worst Customer service ever!! The line for my business phone was not working so they had a technician come out and he "supposedly" called our building security to get the phone box but our security guard didn't pick up. #1. The security never received any miss calls around that time. #2. In order for the technician to go the phone box he has to pass the security desk which my security guard was there at the time, because I kept on going back and forth my store to make sure he was there.
When I spoke to the customer service at Asian Association they were so rude and so I asked them since the security guard was right there why didn't the technician just talked the security directly. She kept on saying because "that is why we have their contact number." Isn't it common sense that if you see the person you need to talk to then you go up to him and explain what you need? Instead of calling that person when he is right there. Ridiculous!!!
The customer service lady was saying the reason the security guard didn't pick up the phone was because he probably didn't know how to speak english. I told her I never had this kind of problem with the AT&T technicians. I am not even sure if the technician came out. Now they are saying they will charge us for the next trip.

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