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Asia Card Center review: Scam and cheating

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To whom it may concern.

It is supposed that i am a client at this company, asia card center.
But see below to see a message of mr. Armando lanes from "asia card center" in the philippines.

Please, read carefully what he said to me to know very well all the cheating and deception and scam which has no end with this company.
And for you to know very well what they are doing with their customers.

See below. . .
On saturday, 10:48,. Asiacardcenter wrote:

From armando lanes
Asia card center

The message is paste below i still repeat it, and if you think it is easy
Go ahead. .
A proverb say that( ear that dont hear something when they cut it head it goes with it)

It seem you still dont know our company,
I explain to you we are three decades in this business,
We only have offices in bad countries and you can see our head office is in macau gambling city,
And our branches is in north korea, russia, china and iran and philippine this areas that dont have human right record and dont have control on monetary policy.

This countries we use bribe to settle officer to get clearance and put fund in the international market,
I have ask you many times, if you know the history of our company
We handle tough government that want to push out funds to the international market.

The head office has help you due to my plead.

All the places you complains are all working with us underground
As we work with all of them and they know it,
I will give you two to three months to make your reports
And start today after three month come back to me and tell me if you get any news.
Go ahead. . And you tell me what you find out.

Thank you and bye
Armando lanes
Asia card