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Me Oct 01, 2019

I purchased a reclining loveseat and reclining sofa combo in January and also got the Guardian warranty. It sits in a back room. It's merely for overflow when my 2 adult children come to visit. It's has been sat on maybe 10-12 times. My husband and I sit in our front room since it's where the front door is. I walked by the furniture in August and noticed it had big patches of fraying. I contacted Guardian which denied me. I now how contacted customer service dozens of times. They tell me I need to contact store bought at as they don't take care of that however the store I bought it at told me I needed to contact customer service not them. So pretty much of spent the last 6 weeks getting the runaround from both. Both say it's the others responsibility. I'm very frustrated by this. When I purchased this set of furniture from the W Dublin Granville, Columbus Ohio store I was told by Natasha who sold it to me that Guardian would cover anything for 5 years and if something happened in the first year Ashley would cover it if Guardian wouldn't. Now no one will cover it. Totally lied to! I've sent numerous photos of the loveseat showing the seat cushions are still full and plump not matted down or indented with use. I'm going to open a compliant with the Better Business Bureau. I've asked that the loveseat be replaced, repaired or refunded to no avail on any of them.

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