Ashley Furniturebait and switch

Salesman Greg Hulse did a bait and switch and refuse to admit it
We spend 3 hours in their store just because we had to wait so long
for the salesman to help us.
We picked a gray color couch
But the salesman sold us a brown couch
They delivered it late at night instead of the time schedule 2 to 6 pm
My son accepted it not sure of the color with the lighting in the house.
The salesman told us to call the tech department to schedule a pickup
But they refused to because they said that was the couch ordered
It turns out that the salesman did a Bait and switch on us
We picked a gray couch. The model was displayed on the floor but now
they replaced that
model with the model they sold to us
(Brown couch)
Now they refused to fix their mistake.


List of dates and contacts after delivery
Every time I called, I have to wait over 30 minutes plus
9/26/19 I called customer service and waited for 45 mins before speaking to someone. I finally got to speak to the manager mr Santez about the issues (he said he will be out for two days but manager Mark or Matthew Smith will call me( neither of them ever called me back to take care of the matter)
9/30/19 I called customer service again and spoke to Miss Dilina (she said she will have the manager get back to me, never did)
10/2/19 call again and spoke to Miss crystal (she said do worry, she will take care of it. She transferred me to Mr. Eric. He said he will talk to the manager and get back to me. He did, said they have to get technician to come and pick up the couch). But they never call me back with the date and time.
10/5/19 I call customer service again and spoke to Angelica to get the date and time of the pickup. But she transferred me to the Miramar store where I purchased the couch and I spoke to my salesmen Mr. Greg Hulse who said they cannot contact the technician from in store that I must contact the customer service again. After spending hours back and forth, Greg give me the number for the technician/ warranty, I spoke to Mr. JR who refused to schedule a technician. He said they can only schedule a tech if the couch is broken not because I got the wrong color. So I call Mr. Greg Hulse again and he said he will talk to his manager and get back to me, he never did.
10/5/19, again I call customer service and spoke to Miss Beverley, who said she will talk to the manager. She said she spoke to manager Mr. Matthew Smith and they will create a credit invoice but will have to send it to headquarter for approval 5 to 7 days.
10/10/19, called again for a follow up but no updated info.

After reading all the complaints and reviews about this company, I realized there are no hope and I m just wasting lots of days/ hours of my time.

Oct 11, 2019

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