Ashley Furniture Industriesdamaged furniture and delivery

B Jan 03, 2020

On 12/14/19, I puchased $6280.45 worth of furniture. This included a bed fram, mattress, dining room table set and server. The bedframe and mattress were delivered on 12/20/19. The frame was damaged. We were left with the mattress on the floor. We were told that someone from Customer Service would call us to reschudule a new time for the delivery of the new bed. After waiting 2 days, no one called, so I called to reschedule. On 12/30/19, the furniture was delivered. This time, the bed frame was fine, but the server was damaged beyond repair and the dining room table was damaged (a piece was chipped off in the corner.) The chairs were the only pieces of furniture not damaged. The driver took the server back, and left the table. He said that he would send out a serviceman who could fix the corner. Again, no call to reschedule, so I finally called a day later. I was told that the earliest delivery day would be a week and 1/2 later, unless I wanted to take a personal day off work to stay home and wait. I talked to a manager at the store and he said there was a private delivery service they could use to deliver this weekend, but it would cost me a fee! After paying cash, not financing over $6000.00 worth of furniture, the manager couldn't help me get my piece this weekend! Horrible!

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