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The software I ordered didn't make any difference w/ my computer. I noticed the day after I ordered it, my bank account had been charged 4 times instead of 1. I called ascentive, who admitted it was their fault, and the refund was complete. I called my bank, who told me they had not recieved authorization for the refund. Then I called ascentive again. I told them my bank needed them to call w/ authorization in order to free up my funds, which still showed as 4 pending transactions. I'm getting no cooperation from ascentive. When my card was charged, it went through immediately. Now that the money's supposed to come my way, it takes several business days. Why should I have to wait for money that I never authorized them to take? Do yourself a favor and boycott ascentive. aka 'finally fast .com' I would be happy to hear advice on what can be done about this. It's fraud as far as I'm concerned.


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    pocon Mar 29, 2010

    While routinely checking my bank account transactions online, I have discovered an unauthorized charge of $59.99 from originating from Ascentive, LLC. I have never done, or planned to do business with the said company.

    the following is the information about the company.

    Ascentive, LLC
    Limited Liability Company - Foreign
    Entity Number: 2937229
    Title: President
    Address: 201 SPRING GARDEN STRE

    I have immediately filed the report against Adam Schran (by the way, here is what looks like to be a video of this jocker on YouTube, so watch this D..k who is in charge of the company taking money out of your accounts: ) and Ascentive, LLC with the following authorities:

    Philadelphia Police Department
    Internal Affairs Division
    7790 Dungan Road
    Philadelphia, Pa 19111

    PA FBI Agent: Janice K. Fedarcyk
    (202) 324-3691
    William J. Green, Jr. Building
    600 Arch Street, 8th Floor
    Philadelphia, PA 19106
    [email protected]

    FTC Bureau of Consumer Protection

    Pennsylvania Attorney General:

    Please do the same as I did. Don’t waste your time with the ###. Thank you.

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    Ascentive Customer Support Mar 30, 2010


    Please be assured Ascentive does not engage in fraudulent transactions and takes these accusations very seriously. We are investigating your claims and feel that your credit card may have been compromised, through no fault of Ascentives, and fraudulently used to purchase our software.

    We urge you to contact our Customer Service Department at 215-320-6000 to help us investigate your situation further. We go to great lengths to help customers who have issues with our products and avoid having them contact their bank directly and issuing a chargeback. That is not only costly to us but also, if this is an actual fraudulent transaction then you may discover further unknown charges if your credit card has been compromised. Our Customer Service Department has several methods for tracking down fraud and we can help you to determine when and exactly how this transaction took place. Plus your assistance can help our Fraud Detection Services in stopping future criminal activity.

    For over 11 years, Ascentive has provided customers with top notch support via phone, email and live chat. Our services include a 30 day money back guarantee to make sure every customer is satisfied. Chargebacks can be very costly to any business, and we urge customers who suspect fraud or are unhappy for any reason to contact us first.

    We look forward to assisting you.

    Ascentive Customer Support

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