[Resolved] Arby's Restaurant Group / raw chicken

228 E. National Rd, United States

2/19/2019 4:42 pm I ordered two chicken sandwiches then went home. I ate half of one of them and discovered it was under cooked it the center, brown & rubbery. It is the right piece in picture. My mother was eating the other chicken sandwich and stopped when she saw it was bright pink, left piece in the picture. Unfortunately, we ate part of the under cooked portion of the chicken. I hope we don't get sick from it. I want whoever cooked this to be reprimanded and retrained.

Arby's Restaurant Group

  • Resolution statement

    Dustin apologized and gave my mother and I free fish sandwiches and coupons for free complete meals. He was very kind and made me feel comfortable about eating at Arby's again.

Feb 19, 2019

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