Apria Healthcare Groupbilling

B Dec 27, 2019

For my own sanity I'll keep this short and to the point. We entered into a 12 month agreement with Apria on 9/18. Gave a down payment of $100 and agreed to pay roughly $28 per month (insurance covering the rest) for the term. In January 2019 Apria stopped billing our insurance and began charging our credit card. I made several calls to ask them to Bill our insurance. Each time they said they would, but never did. In April 2019 Apria became an out of network supplier and continued to bill random amounts to our card. When asked about the charges before Apria could not provide an explanation. In November a final payoff was made to satisfy the balance. The Apria representative confirmed the balance was paid in full. All payment totaling over $1200 out of my pocket. Today I received another bill from Apria only noting ‘Supplies'. After speaking with the billing department the charge was for the humidifier feature within the machine.

I have absolutely had it with this company. Based on the amount on this experience and the overwhelming amount of negative reviews I've read for Apria I believe a class action lawsuit is in order.

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