Anytime Fitnessunethical/ unprofessional behaviour

Ra Oct 08, 2019

I just would like to formal report my complaint about my experience with this facility today ( Tues, Oct 10th, 1:35 PM) Facility: Minnehaha
I just moved to the neighborhood and looking for some membership information, regardless of trying to explain to the person on the other side of the phone about me being busy and trying to get the best time to meet up. The person in charge simply ignore my request and was unbelievably rude and after telling me over the phone " Sorry buddy, I don't have time for you" He literally hung up on me. Even despite all my effort to try to explain to him about my schedule and trying to get the best time to come and see the gym. Too bad I will have to go and choose a big gym, bc an unprofessional, unprepared and ignorant person.

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