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Anita Yeates Aquis review: Realty Fraud

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The is an incident of fraud, by a licensed Broker in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. Broker Anita Yeates, of Acquis Advisors, (also the owner of Agence, LLC, Agence, Acquis Realty, Advisers and Dove Project) was contracted to write a plan for a real estate development for a cost of $20, 000. I met with Ms, Yeates on April 4, 2008, to sign the agreement. On that date I gave her a deposit of $10, 000 and, in September 2008, I mailed her the additional $10, 000. It has been over 1 year and Ms. Yeates has not fulfilled the agreement, therfore, I requested a refund. Since the final payment the communication declined. In October I called for an update, she had nopositive response. On March 1, 2009 I called her and left a message, I received no response. Three days later I sent her an email requesting a refund. The email was returned. I also sent a certified letter, her address was no longer valid therefore the letter was returned. I later got her new contact information and sent another certified letter. She did not respond to the letter. I had an attorney send her a demand letter for refund on April 9, 2009. I called Ms. Yeates on April 29, 2009, during which she said she does not have the $20, 000 I paid to her, so it will be a waste of my time to use an attorney. Ms. Yeates continues to do business, as a licensed broker, under several different names, Agence LLC, Acquis Advisers LLC, Acquis Realty Advisers LLC, and Dove Project. She refuses to refund the $20, 000.

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