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AMR review: Unprofessional first responders.

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My name is Sandra Glessner, my mother has heart disease, kidney disease and type 2 diabetes, and about an hour ago she was taken by one of your ambulances to the hospital (I don't even know which hospital, because when we requested they take her to legacy, they said "No") so now I'll have to call around to find out. From the moment they entered our apartment, two of the three responders who arrived were very rude, complaining that we have stains on the carpet (we're potty training a puppy), and tried to blame all of my mom's health problems on marijuana, when she hasn't even smoked or ingested any in over 24 hours. She has had 7 heart attacks confirmed by medical doctors, and not one of them presented with chest pain, but the paramedics that were here today dismissed everything we told them, saying that it was unlikely to be a heart problem because she had no chest pain. When they asked to see her medications, we were unable to find them, and that made one of them angry, I unfortunately didn't catch his name tag, but he was an older bald gentleman with glasses who kept asking for them repeatedly, even after we explained we tried to find them and didn't know where they were, he took it upon himself to start going through our stuff to find them. He was also repeating the same questions to my mother over and over, including questions we had already answered. She was disoriented and kept saying "I don't know" and he would just say the same question again while she was still dry heaving, sweating and shaking, I then told them to "Either take her to the hospital or get out" to which he responded by yelling at me "We're not a taxi service!" then when I raised my voice in response to this and told him he was being unprofessional, he continued to yell at me and threatened to call the police on me. At this point my sister Veronika Glessner and I removed ourselves to a back bedroom and waited for them to leave while her fiancé Tanner Boyd waited with the paramedics until they were gone. The ambulance license plate number is D91639D.

Desired outcome: Someone who doesn't know how to stay calm in tense situations, should not be a paramedic. He either needs to be fired or re-trained.

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