American Medical Association [AMA] / unethical behavior

I was healthy, working up until July 20, 2019. I first saw my original PCP for my dizzy spells that I had been having. They gave me pills to take for spells. Then I fell ill driving to work on July 30, 2019 & went to hospital. I was hospitalized for (3) days with numerous tests only to find nothing wrong. I continued with my chronic illness throughout month of August. Then had a oral surgeon remove a lesion in back of my throat on August 30, 2019 to which I'm going to find results for that on Sept. 12, 2019. Decided to change PCP's since my original PCP didn't thoroughly my lab results from hospitalization. About 14 codes were labeled high. During this entire time I was struggling to go to work and could not focus working daily. When first saw my new PCP on Sept. 3, 2019 I met with him to give him entire history of what I had been experiencing only for him to go off on me and was angry that I took too much of his time. This was only after meeting with him for approximately 1.5 hrs and I had mentioned to him at the end of our meeting that I would need to be taking a leave of absence. When he heard me make that comment, he got upset/angry and stated to me that there was nothing wrong with me and that he would order lab work and schedule me to see a cardiologist and neurologist. I had already had (2) EKG's performed and tests were negative. He yelled at me and said there was no reason I couldn't report back to work on Sept. 16, 2019 and that he would do no such thing as to approve any time off (FMLA) or any paperwork for disability. Mind you, the entire time I had been standing the entire meeting only because at times it's very uncomfortable for me to sit, so at times I feel slightly better standing. I have been having continual coughing and feeling pain on my entire right side of my body for approximately going on (8) weeks now. I was so upset and thought, he was down right rude and very unprofessional as a medical doctor. He saw that I could barely stand. It is extremely sad that now-a-days that it is difficult to find a good doctor that cares about his patient's. Kaweah Delta Hospital/Visalia, CA has had it's struggles and constand complaints, including various lawsuits due to medical negligence. Now I am forced to return to work and could very well have a serious health issue where I could die. My entire family is upset/angry and now I am forced to find a 3rd PCP outside of the City of Visalia. It appears that every patient has to find out their own diagnosis and at times it could be too late when they actually find out what the seriousness health issue of the patient. I am hanging on daily by a fine thread praying that I do not end up in the hospital a 3rd time. Unfortunately, I do not see my new 3rd PCP until October 1, 2019 due to my healthcare insurance guidelines. When I complained to the Manager of the medical clinic about Dr. Allen's actions on my first initial visit, she stated to me that unfortunately she could not get in the middle of any doctor's prognosis and that whatever any doctor's decision were made, patient needs to follow through. I could see that this conversation went no where. In this City of Visalia between the majority of the doctor's and the only one hospital we have in this city, their only concern is about making money and they have no desire to care or help patient's. We as the patient have to do what it takes to find a half way decent doctor who cares in the medical field. It is like they just want to receive their pay, but not have to care for their patients.

Sep 11, 2019

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