American Medical Association [AMA]extremely unprofessional behavior

M Nov 28, 2018

I was hospitalized at Green Oaks Psychiatric Hospital in Dallas on November 8, 2018, and released on November 19, 2018. During this time Joel Holiner provided my 'treatment'. I met with him for about 5 minutes every day. During this time he not only did not listen to me, he literally sang at me. Everything he said he sang. Including Statler Brothers-Counting Flowers on the Wall. I do not feel that he respected my feelings, my needs, or that he respected the seriousness of the situation. I was hospitalized because I have fibromyalgia. The pain was so uncontrolled that I had become obsessed with cutting. I was barely sleeping and what little sleep had was filled with dreams about cutting. So I went to get help and he sang to me. He prescribed me medication that I told him that I could not afford, at over $400 a month with insurance I don't know many people who can afford it, and it was a medication that I told him that I do not need. I was misdiagnosed with bipolar disorder. I have Hashimoto's Thyroiditis. As long as I am on my thyroid medication and my TSH levels are within normal limits I am completely asymptomatic. I am fighting with depression because of a health issue that is not related to bipolar disorder. When I was released from the hospital he made me agree to take all of the prescribed medications until I could see my actual doctor, Dr. Elliston, at my next appointment. I agreed in order to get out of the hospital. Two of the four prescriptions that he wrote could not be filled because they were written incorrectly. He failed to spell out the number of pills that were to be dispensed. He wrote four prescriptions on the same piece of paper and managed to write two of them wrong. I canceled the follow-up appointment with Dr. Elliston. I know that if I go to try to see him they are going to demand payment for the 'treatment' I received in the hospital. I do not feel that I should be charged for the disrespectful treatment that I received. When I complained to the other staff about this they actually laughed and said that he was known for that. I wonder if he realizes how hurtful it is to be trying vulnerable and honest with someone who is supposed to be a professional and have them start singing at you. It feels like he was laughing at me and not taking my situation seriously at all. As for a desirable resolution? I do not want to pay for my 'treatment' at Green Oaks by "Dr." Holiner. I feel that The Holiner Group is all about pushing pills and a very expensive "Day Hospital" that they run in conjunction with Green Oaks. They push the "Day Hospital" really hard but it's also $500 a week even if you have good insurance. Joel Holiner does not listen and does not care.

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