American Freightdining room tables and living room tables

Me Nov 08, 2019

This place is a joke I ordered stuff close to then end of the month told them I was moving Nov 1 st they never came on the first came the second with only
Beds called the next day saying my table was damaged .itll be in Monday Monday comes no call call them it'll come Tuesday and they will deliver it and I don't have to pay anything all week still calling nothing talked to two different people all giving me different stories Thursday comes the delivers have my stuff but won't deliver it because they aren't getting paid after AMERICAN FREIGHT TOLD
ME I DIDNT HAVE TO PAY Friday call 4 times your stuff will be delivered today it's now 10 texted the delivery ppl finally call them they tell me they are off and they will bring it tomorrow morning what type of stupid mess is this ??? But they don't give refunds I'm calling corporate and complaining the most unprofessional place on this planet everyone there is worthless and need to be fired give me my stuff like how hard is it why is everyone acting brain dead and I can't wait to go in the store and cuss everyone out it's now the 8th won't get my stuff until the 9th I told them have it by Nov 1st wtf

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