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I went to AFC on 12-30-19. I signed in at 1:25 and left at 4:45. I have never been so disrespected in my life. The nurse asked what was wrong and I told her I've been extremely tired, I'm almost positive I have a UTI (I always have one), and that my body felt swollen. The nurse asked how long I'd had the uti and I told her it didn't go away from the last time I was there, which has been a few months. I'm a single mom, a full time student and work two jobs. But she didn't ask that. Instead she told me if I had a uti that long it would be a kidney problem at this point. CRNP Carol James came in the room around 2 hours later and made me feel like an idiot. First she asked what was wrong and I started talking about the uti. She stopped me and said all the nurse said was that I felt tired and swollen. I told her that's not what I said. She was asking questions about how long I'd felt tired. I told her lethargic was a long time, but I didn't know exactly. She said month or years and I wasn't sure. While she was examining she pressed on my stomach and there is a place there that hurts and I jumped. She looked at it and said she'd need to drain it and ordered a urine. An hour later the nurse came back, hands me a paper, says that's what was done today and have a good day. I told her I paid to come to the doctor and would like to know what's wrong. I don't know how to read those things. She replied I didn't do any of it. I said that I wasn't being mean at which point she snapped the paper from me and said "I didn't do it so I don't know" obviously irritated with me. So I finally just took the paper and left. I'm still not sure what's wrong, I know they wrote medicine but I don't know what they wrote or what for, and the place on my stomach is still there and still hurts. I basically wasted a day for the same information I could get from the Teledoc, but I prefer seeing the doctor so they or the nurse can explain things. I shouldn't leave my doctors office in tears. I'm a human being and should be treated with respect. After all I'm paying for the service and without patients there is no clinic.


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    Anita Smith Thomas Feb 16, 2020

    On Sunday, February 2, 2020, I was driven to the AFC in Wetumpka, Alabama by my husband due to extreme lower back pain. The pain was so bad that I was unable to get myself dressed without the help of my husband. After paying for the copays, I was called back and put in patient room. I was first questioned by a male employee concerning why I was there that day. I told him I had been diagnosed with degenerative disc disorder by my doctor in Montgomery, Alabama (Dr. Roger Kemp). Shortly afterwards, another male employee (Nurse Practitioner Alexander Worley) entered the room and began asking me what I had done to make my back in pain. I told him I didn't know what had caused it but that it had started hurting on the previous Thursday afternoon (January 30th). I also explained that my doctor's office was closed on Friday so I hadn't been able to contact him concerning my pain. Mr. Worley kept asking me what had caused my back pain and I noticed that he was acting like he didn't believe me. I told him I had been a patient there in December 2019 with pain in my left wrist as well as a rash on my chest area and had been prescribed a muscle relaxer for the pain at that time. Mr. Worley started naming some of my medications that I take for various issues and said that they were all controlled substances and that he couldn't prescribe them to me. I told him that I didn't expect him to do so and that I was only asking for a muscle relaxer until I could see my doctor the next day. He then told me that he wasn't going to do anything about my pain and shouted "Get Out!" multiple times at me in front of AFC employees in the office. I asked him what his name was and he told me "Worley." I left crying and humiliated, his behavior was so hurtful and unprofessional. When I asked the lady at the front desk for my copay money back, she said she couldn't refund it because I had "met" with the provider. When my husband saw how upset I was, he told the lady at the front desk that we were going to file a complaint, to which she responded "go ahead." At that point, my husband drove me to Russell Medical Center emergency room in Alexander City, Alabama. I was seen by Dr Eiland who ordered xray scans of my back. He also said I had scoliosis after touching my spine. Dr. Eiland and his staff were so kind and caring to me and gave me a shot for the pain and prescriptions for a muscle relaxer, prednisone and Tylenol #3. It was the first time in four days that I wasn't in pain. My husband told Dr. Eiland about the way I was treated at AFC in Wetumpka,
    Alabama by Nurse Practitioner Alexander Worley. Dr. Eiland responded that was "defamation of character " and told us how sorry he was that happened to me.

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