American Eagle Outfittersunethical behaviour from an employee

Ma Oct 01, 2019

on September 15 I went to the store ubicated in the Westland Mall on Hialeah with my 2 daughters, they were needing jeans and we strongly usually choose AEO for buying their jeans even when I know the price is high but my girls love them and I have the store credit card and I just use it.
We were trying to select the 2 more appropriate jeans for my daughters, I was in a hurry because I knew the store was going to close soon and I was trying not to do any mess and when I was in a shelf I heard one of the employees talking through the walkie talkie in spanish and in a very disrespectful way : Vengan a ayudar a "estas" porque estan regando y desbaratando todo y no nos vamos a ir de aqui nunca. "Come to help "these women" because they're messing everything and we"re going to stay here forever" (which it wasn't true at all) I could hear it perfectly because she was 10 feet from me, I just turned on and I looked at her and I didn't understand how this lady could refer to us on that way and she didn't care I could hear just because she just wanted to leave. When I finished to pay I walked to the front door and I confronted her and let her know that the way that she expressed was unnecessary and unethical and for my surprise she didn't even apologize and on the contrary her reaction was disrespectfully again completely ignoring me in front of others employees and my daughters. I left the store mad and frustrated. Her name is Mariela .

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