American Eagle Outfittersthe employees.

A Jan 10, 2020

Last summer I had a few American Eagle jeans that did not last long and wore out in a matter of a month or so. I took my jeans to American Eagle because I had found out I can return them if this is the case. I happened to run into this problem again this winter with 2 pairs of jeans. The first time I went in they assured me that has never been a thing and it's a dumb thought of mine. I was livid- they treated me terribly. I went home and called corporate to make sure it truly was a policy American Eagle had. The lady I spoke to told me I was correct and that American Eagle doesn't really have an expiration date on their jean as long as you bought them with-in 1-2 years. I went back to American Eagle on Dallas Hwy in Powder Sprint, Ga, and this one very rude lady basically told me I was crazy. She would return 1 pair because I had literally just bought them and never had worn them before but the other pair she said "to me these look like they have been washed so I can't take them". I told her what corporate had told me and she basically told me I was lying- which I 100% was not. Honestly, going into that specific store gives me anxiety now because of the workers and how poorly they treated me.

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