[Resolved] American Automobile Association / AAA.comvalve cover gasket replacement (aaa membership 438 212 [protected])

L Jul 25, 2019

This location replaced the valve cover gaskets and I had to return to them on several occasions and they did do the job correct. I went to HONEST - 1 AND they replaced the calve cover gaskets and I have not had any trouble or leakage since they replace the work that AAA did to my car. I am asking for reimbursement of the money I had to pay to get my car fixed, . I sent this shop an e-mail on 7/18/ 2019. Here is the e-mail I sent to your Fredericksburg store.

"Good Afternoon,

Please see the attached documentation regarding work performed on my 2011 BMW 328-I. Kindly notify me via email how AAA intends to handle reimbursement in the amount of $1, 423.89. I am confident that AAA will give the matter all proper and due consideration and handle the issue in accordance with its professional reputation.


Linda K. Forman

To whom this may concern, , I prefer to resolve this issue without resorting to any legal recourse but if I do not hear from you by close of business on July 31, 2019, you will give me no other choice.
I look forward to hearing from you.

Linda K. Forman

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    Valve Cover Gaskets - I was out of town twice and had to be towed once in Georgia and when I returned to Virginia - took my car back to this AAA car care and they said it was not leaking and the next day it started leaking really bad and smoking and I took it back again. I want to try and resolve this issue asap and would appreciate your company reaching out to me. I have documents and pictures to share.

  • Updated by Linda K. Foreman · Oct 28, 2019

    AAA has resolved this issue and made it right... Please delete this complaint... I have tried and the system will not allow me to...

  • Resolution Statement

    AAA has made this right and reimbursed me for the value cover gasket repair. They are a company that stands by their work.

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