American Automobile Association / AAA.comnot finishing repairs to my vehicle.

C Nov 17, 2019

I was involved in a DUI hit in riun accident on May 31st 2019. After filing a claim with AAA the guilty party's insurance. I took my car to Showtime Custom Coach in Running Springs Ca. They had my car for two days. They called me on 8/16/2019 to tell me my car was ready!I payed for repairs and went on my way. I took my car a 2006 Toyota Corolla L.E. to my mechanic for oil change and to put on new tires. My mechanic informed me that the windshield wiper reservoir that was crack and leaked onto street during collision was not replaced, nor did they do a front end alignment which mechanic said needed to be done with front moderate/major front end damage my car received. I contaced Amy Mclaughlin the insurance adjuster in my claim #[protected]. I told her I wasnt at all happy with the shawdy body work they did! They half assed it, and even put the old cracked up cover back on the under carriage!!! She told me to take my car back to them! That they would upload the repairs that still needed done to my claim.#[protected] to finish. When I expressed that I wanted to take my car to Caliber Collision in Redlands for new windshield wiper Reservoir, front end aligment, as well as a brake fluid reservoir cap that they sent my car without! My breaks are pressurized and needs a cap. I had to go by one. After I imformed Ms McLaughlin I wanted to take car else where. Ive been completely ignored!! I have emailed her several times, along with left several email messages to her and her Boss Larry Turner 951-369-4533# to know avail. Its now mid October. I need my windshield wipers! I live in the mountains, and its crucial that I have them. Please Help!! I don't know what next step to take. I filed a complaint with the B.A.R. as well. Thank you in advance for your time regarding this matter! Im at my wits end!
Constance A Sharp

  • Updated by Constance Sharp · Nov 17, 2019

    Also made several phone calls to both Amy McLaughlin and Larry Turner and have received not return phone calls from either one of them! Very unprofessional!! Iv'e been trying for over 2 months to get these repairs to my car completed!!

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