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J Jan 05, 2020 Review updated:

My family and I go to our local AMC several times a month with the AMC A List.
On January 5th we went to see Spies in Disguise. Unfortunately I forgot my wallet in all the hustle and bustle to get to the movie. Long story short iI went to the manager and told her what happened hoping honesty and the fact that we were all the same family with ID that an exception could be made. The manager sent us packing. So we left after refunding our sons ticket cause he isn't an A-list. So you lost the price of his ticket all drink and food orders. And also Had three empty seats that couldn't be used. Bravo great business model. What has happened to reasoning in today's society.


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    Bellamie Jan 05, 2020

    You cannot blame the Cinema because you forgot your wallet and ID. That is on you.

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