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J Sep 08, 2018 Review updated:

What has happen to,.. Be back in 2min two sec.? Now when you set to watch tv on any channel you watch 15 minutes of commercials and five minutes of the program. You even manage to put several commercials while the credits are rolling. When you purchase to watch tv that's what should we should be see - ing is the program, and not have to pay to watch commercials y have been paid for by them and dump them on us. Have a commercial channel for all of the commercials and if we wish to buy from them we shall. Or at least cut down on the amount of commercials you show now, or maybe everyone will drop all basic channels and just watch hbo, showtime and all other movie channels.


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    9wood Sep 08, 2018

    commercials rule its all about them making money
    but yet they charge us more for this

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