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At the end of a survey, I had the opportunity to sign up for receiving six magazines for so
many dollars per month. They also said they would send 6 e-gift cards. I did receive them in an email. The codes were sent separately. Unfortunately for me, the e-gift cards are for specified companies I don't shop at because they don't have products I want. What was not explained at the beginning that one had to pay about 3 months worth of payments before magazines would start arriving. I paid the initial fee expecting magazines to arrive. None did, so I didn't pay. Instead of this company contacting me, they send my account to collections. I called and explained I never used the e-gift cards so they could pay themselves with that. The person refused that option. I never received magazines, I didn't use e-gift cards, yet I was expected to pay, before account was closed. I was given an offer to pay half, I didn't want to risk any problems, so I paid it. It was wasted money.

Jul 11, 2019

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