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Alex Simanovsky & Associates

Alex Simanovsky & Associates review: Malpractice

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I hired Mr. Simanovsky in Feb 2009 to handle a lemon law suit on a 2006 Nissan Murana that I bought brand new, that had been in the shop 19 times in less than two years. I provided Mr. Simanovsky over 60 pages of documentation and 5 months later, after leaving voice mail after voice mail and too many e-mails to count, I contacted the Texas attorney he was affiliated with to tell him I would be fining a complaint to the state bar.
FINALLY he called me 5 minutes later to tell me that he had reviewed my file and determined that he could not assist me. This is 5 months after accepting my case. I then contacted another attorney who informed me that the
previous attorney Alex Simanovsky NEVER filed the suit and missed the deadline and now I am no longer eligible to file the suit. They suggested I contact the Georgia State Bar, which I did, I filed a complaint and contacted Mr. Simanovsky regarding restitution. That was seven months ago and now he has hired his own attorney whose greatest talent appears to be to stall and act stupid and request the same documentation OVER AND OVER again.
Whatever you do ~ DO NOT GET INVOLVED WITH THIS ATTORNEY OR HIS FIRM. He will mismanage your case and NEVER EVER return any calls or e-mails and refuse to communicate with you. He will then miss any important deadlines and cost you the case altogether. In my case almost $43, 000. DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME WITH THIS GUY ~ HE IS A CHARLATAN!

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