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Alarm Services / SaveOnMyAlarm.combait and switch - scam


When I signed up for a home monitoring service, my understanding, based on the conversation I had with sales person over the phone was that in order to get the monitoring service for $5.95 per month I need to pay a Set-up fee of $59.00.
I had to sign on line and I have to admit that I simply believed the sales person and did not read through a very long legal jargon contract. I simply clicked OK and singed up understanding that once I pay the set up fee I will be paying $5.95 per month.
I did prepay for 6 months to get a 3 months FREE special, but was not aware that I am signing a contract which will allow this company to charge my credit card about $19.95 per month.
After I found out I contacted my credit company who after about 2 months credited my account but ... this company started to send me invoices and treats that they will take it to court, damage my credit, etc, etc.
I believe that I was mislead into believing that I will only pay $5.95 if I pay the $59.00 set up fee.
Please even take a look at this company website and the way they advertise their services:
Also please take a look at their web page which says that this company has ... "Based on BBB files, this company has a satisfactory record", but at the same time almost 60 complaints.
I feel they took me for a ride and being under treats that I will have to show in court in WA, will have damaged credit I ended up paying ... $339.85 which included cancellation fee and extra 2 months, which were cleverly inserted into their very long contract.
I believe they have false advertisement and misled myself as well as many other people, based on my research through the internet and BBB into thinking they offer a very low monitoring fee, but in reality ... it does not work like this.
I've checked BBB and found a lot of complaints as well as checked www and found a lot of complaints about this company.
I did, as I mentioned here, the fees that they put on me, but I feel taken advantage of by this company and would like others to be able to read about my horrible experience.
Also, their employees, especially in billing (Jackie) were very rude and very unpleasant to speak to.

I believe that the way they promote and advertise their $5.95 per month service is very misleading and they don't mention anything about horribly hight cancellation fess until you get to their legal contract, which is very long and very confusing.
I am not a layer and always have a hard time understanding legal language and I don't think I should need one to simply order a monitoring service for my house, when I am not getting ANY equipment or merchandise from this company.
They did not install anything in my house and I did pay the $59.00 set up fee up front.

You were warned, so if you sign up with this company ... do not complain as ... you should have listened to others bad experiences


  • Ji
    Jill of New York Apr 11, 2009
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    SaveOnMyAlarm is a GREAT company. I signed up for the same service, but I READ the agreement. You can get their PROMOTIONAL RATE of $5.95 for 3, 6, 9 or 12 months IF you agree to continue services for 24 months at their regular rates which are as low as $5.95 too! The renewal rates are as follows: $5.95 for 5 years, $6.95 for 4 years, $7.95 for 3 years etc.. they add $1.00 for each year you deduct from the plan. STILL a far cry from the $46.00 a month I was paying to ADT for years!

    I too checked into the BBB information on the site. Most companies in their business they are in have a .002 complaint ratio. That’s about 2 complaints per 1, 000 Customers a year. So if you reverse the average using their 60 complaints over the last 24 months, that's 30 a year, and factor that into their 200, 000+ alarm users, then their complaint ratio is actually WAY BELOW AVERAGE. At 200, 000 Customers, using the .002 average complaint ratio, they would have more than 800 complaints on file with the BBB and not only 60. besides, 99% of them show that they resolved the Consumers problems anyway.

    Sorry to seem upset here, but nothing makes me madder than someone who knowingly complains about a company just to 'vent' or worse to "get back at them". You even admit that you JUST CLICKED and chose NOT TO READ the contract. What kind of an IDIOT does that? And what kind of a BIGGER IDIOT goes on the world wide web and then tried to blame the company for accepting their business simply after the IDIOT clicks the BUY button saying that he did read and understand the terms.

    Jill of New York

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