Alabama Department Of Human Resources / dhr.alabama.govfailure to provide a reason to why my children were removed.

D Jul 13, 2019 Review updated:

16 years ago in September 24, 2003 i was dropped off at a safehouse by the camden police and my case worker ms Mechelle bridges who told me that my 4 children will be transported out to me the next day September25, 2003 when that day came my children wasn't transported. So the director ms ula called she then was sent a paper saying that my case worker wasn't no longer my caseworker and it was out of her jurisdiction. I was kicked out of the safehouse and brought to Birmingham Alabama by a sheriff from selma Alabama. Long story short in oct 7 2003 my case worker sent my oldest two home but didn't send me the rest of my she threatened me saying if i ever see you in camden alabama iam going to take them back from you. Now in 2016 i requested my documents from court and the judge ms pettiway said none of them had custody the children could be let go. When one had came home and were in school he was removed from school without a notice to me. Went to petition court August, 2018.and before i went the judge ms Robinson sent me court documents with my name on it for the dates that my children were removed but i had never been to court. I explained that it couldn't have been in that court room on dates October 6, 2003 an Oct 21, 2003 because i was at the hospital on the 6th and pregnant Highrisk patient.


  • SubSquirrel Jul 13, 2019

    Your kids were taken sixteen years ago and you only got two back? The other two were never returned to you? In sixteen years you didn’t contact an attorney to ask for your kids?

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  • Da
    Darlene see Jul 23, 2019

    @SubSquirrel Yes i have contacted several attorneys over the years but since the case were in a different county they wanted 5000 and up. So i decided to do this on my own and discovered that they didn't have custody from what was told to me by judge j.o Celeste pettway before leaving the bench after removing all of my files out of her to computer.she said that my children can go home so one of them did August, 2017 but the others was being picked up in September 2017 by a sheriff to bring to me so i was supposed to pick them up at their office. It didn't happen because the relatives claimed they had custody and showed some documents. So they came and removed my son from birmingham city school. I called the police but nothing was ecer done about it. So before going to court in 2018 i asked a new judge to send me their custody papers and she did the documents she sent me had my name on like i were there in court while my children were being removed to their relatives which were a lie. I have medical records and documents to back my story up so i have no reason to lie.went to court aug 2018 abd were given supervise visiton by the new judge but still no reason at all given to me why my children were given to their relatives. Attorney or not what is the reason. Give me a reason. I called the county dhr in Montgomery Alabama last month and talked to ms vonda and she couldn't give me a reason to why they were removed.

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  • SubSquirrel Jul 23, 2019

    @Darlene see Sounds like a very messy situation. Attorney charges are high and the free ones through the system are probably overwhelmingly busy.

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  • Sc
    Scottcb1 Sep 12, 2019

    We are in a situation like that amanda wilson also she calls herself samantha who admits she has no kids is a habitual liar lied and said our kids wont be seperated and my daughter 6 and son 15 and she blind, and they still aint gave us a reason for kidnapping them, keeps lying to our kids and we live in FL, my wife dont kniw im writing cause amanda wilson says we will be punished for media, but i think people ought to know i also joined the grouos on facebook fighting this liw down dogs, but we hired a legal aid out of fl check out lefal shield, they violate amendment 4 and 14, butthey dont have kids that why they shouldnt have this position, just wanted tell people how chilton county al is also stealing kids, and lie to us and our kids

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