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Mc Sep 28, 2019

Hi I'm the mother of two children, two daughters to be specific. I have made numerous complaints against my ex beating my daughter and even have begged for a dna test and ever one keeps shooting me down. The first offense I reported in January 2018 where my daughter came home with gashes and burn marks. The second I reported pictures to my lawyer and a judge ignored them. The third complaint I made last week she was playing with a gun in his care and he whipped her with an electrical cord of some kind. I wasn't present since I have a restraining order against him dhr doesn't seem to want to help me. Instead they look into false reports he's making against me saying that I'm doing drugs and that my house is filthy which isn't true at all but have done nothing to him and I am still court ordered to allow her to go over there for 3-4 days every week I need actual help and people to stop gas lighting me and pushing me away. The workers that I keep talking to me don't seem to want to help me.

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