Air JamaicaAir Jamaica confirmed almost every bad thing we had heard

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For the most part, the letter which follows is self-explanatory. Air Jamaica did not respond to it and even refused to give us our Delta frequent flier miles for this trip by just not posting them and not responding to requests to do so. Happily, Delta took care of that for us (Delta and Air Jamaica are in a code sharing alliance).

Please use my Email for any responses.


December 15, 2004

Air Jamaica Customer Relations Office

4 St. Lucia Avenue

Kingston 5

Jamaica, W. I.


We have just returned from a Curacao vacation and would like to share with you our experiences with your organization. On November 30 we were on your flight JM18 from Newark to Montego Bay which was supposed to leave at 7:15AM.

Although the flight was obviously full and the waiting area crowded with both people and baggage, boarding began late and we soon realized that we would not depart on time. Once everyone was finally on board, the pilot made the usual pre-departure announcements and noted that the large amount of checked baggage required extra time to load. He said he would let us know when we were ready to depart.

A flurry of activity with your people hurrying up and down the aisle told us there was another problem which we eventually were told was due to a sick passenger. After a while the passenger was removed and her seating area cleaned up. Since we still weren't moving I told one of the stewardesses that we had a 12:35PM connection from Montego Bay to Curacao and we were concerned that we might not make it. I was assured that we would make the connection because it would be held for us. During the course of the next hour or two this conversation was repeated with the other stewardesses who specifically said that the connecting flight 'is ours and we will hold it for you'.

Since the connecting flight was the only one from Jamaica to Curacao that day and there was none the next day, we were ready to leave the plane and try to find another flight, perhaps on American Airlines, so that we would not lose a day from our vacation and not lose the non-refundable room charge for that day. Your staff's assurances were all that kept us on that plane. It was about 9:30AM when the plane finally began to move, all four pieces of checked luggage belonging to the sick passenger had been found and removed.

We arrived in Montego Bay at 12:45PM and were met at the gate by your agent who, instead of guiding us to our waiting Curacao flight, told us that it had left at 12:35PM -- just ten minutes before we arrived. She said they had to leave because they were already late, which is obviously not true since that flight's scheduled departure time was 12:35PM. It left us behind because no one in your organization cared about us or the other Curacao passengers.

We were, of course, furious for having been lied to so blatantly by your flight crew and for being treated so shabbily by your airline. The agent added insult to injury by telling us we would have to either fly to Miami or Bonaire, spend the night and then be flown to Curacao. Obviously, we would lose a day and be charged for the room your airline prevented us from using. Your agent gave us a choice of going to Miami and catching a flight the next day that would arrive in Curacao at about 3PM or going to Bonaire and catching a flight that got into Curacao after 7PM. Of course, we opted for Miami, as did the other two people in the same situation.

Your agent did a good job of making all of the flight arrangements, booking us a room at the Miami Airport hotel, providing meal vouchers, rerouting our luggage, and at our request, changing our return flights so we could stay another day (we called our hotel and they extended our stay at the per night room rate). She adamantly refused to provide payment for our Curacao hotel night and the extra day's parking fee at Newark Airport nor would she do anything to compensate us for the grief and aggravation or the lost day saying she was not authorized to do so.

Once at our Curacao resort, we feared another Air Jamaica problem on our return flights. We therefore called Air Jamaica four days before we left Curacao and confirmed our revised return reservations and even confirmed our seat numbers. Luckily, we arrived at Curacao's airport very early so that when your counter agent told us upon checking in that we had no reservations, there was time (barely it turned out) to fix that problem. Interestingly when she and her supervisor put in a new set of reservations for us, your computer system refused to accept them, saying it could not have two reservations for the same person. Eventually that was straightened out and we boarded the flight. Except for a lengthy hold which brought fears that Air Jamaica would again cause us to miss our connection, the flight was uneventful. We just made our Montego Bay to Newark flight, being the last to board.

In retrospect, had your flight crew not lied to us in Newark while the plane was still at the gate and the door open, we would very likely have left the plane and that would probably have caused them more problems. The obvious conclusion is that they lied to avoid this and keep us on the plane. Further, it appears that lying in this type of situation is part of their training -- they did it so smoothly and even smiled. All things considered, we feel very strongly that we were taken advantage of by the flight crew and by your airline for causing this grief and then not making it 'right'. We expected a screw-up on our return flight and tried to allow for it by giving up our last day 'beach time' to get to the airport early. Had we not done so we may well have missed our Curacao - Montego Bay flight.

Interestingly, while we fly to the Caribbean yearly we avoided Air Jamaica because of the horror stories told by some of your passengers and people in the travel business. On the unfortunate assumption that things must have changed by now, we decided to give your airline a try. Air Jamaica confirmed almost every bad thing we had heard.

If you had our experience with Air Jamaica would you fly the airline again? What you do to make up for what happened will very likely determine our choice of airlines to the Caribbean in the future.

Very truly yours,



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    MBL Oct 18, 2011
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Air Jamaica did not respond to it and even refused to give us our Delta frequent flier miles for this trip by just not posting them and not responding to requests to do so. Happily, Delta took care of that for us (Delta and Air Jamaica are in a code sharing alliance).

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  • Ma
    marliny Jul 22, 2011

    on the 26/07/2011 i went to Caribbean air line office in Nassau Bahamas and pay one hundred dollars for a under age minor my son was to come to the Bahamas on the 3/7/2011 and while i was there wondering what was taking so long and why haven't i seen him i could not take the waiting any longer and went to the immigration office only to look there the glass door to see my 14 teen year sitting down in the back being process when the immigration lady kindly call me in that was when she told me that he came by himself .what i want to know is why then did i pay my money and on his return to Jamaica how is that gonna work out cause am not pay a dollar.his document # 201-[protected]

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  • Je
    Jevon Dec 31, 2009

    ### American Airlines!!!

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  • Je
    Jevon Dec 31, 2009

    Air Jamaica is the best they had never had a crash and they are making you safe.Look at American Airlines crashing every second!!!

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  • De
    denni Jul 03, 2009

    need to step it up more

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  • Ja
    Jack Jun 29, 2009

    We had booked our flight to leave on January 19th to depart @ 8:35AM from BWI to Montego Bay to attend our son's wedding. We were told the flight was going to be an hour late. NO PROBLEM! We finally boarded the the plane and sat on tarmac for 3 hours. Then they told us to get off the plane and wait for futher instructions.

    After a while we were told that we could not fly out till the next day in the wee early morning hours. We missed our reservations at Sandals and our son's rehearsal party. When we asked if Air Jamaica would at least arrange for Sandals to extend our stay for one more night we were told tough luck. They intended to do nothing.

    The service and food sucked on both flights. I don't think I would ever fly Air Jamaica again and now with no response from my letter after four months I have no other choice to seek legal help.

    We had four rooms at Sandals reserved at almost $500 each. We lost first nights stay and also missed our son's rehearsal dinner and was dead tired for the wedding. We had been up all night waiting for our flight.

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  • Br
    Bridgette Rowe Jan 11, 2009

    On January 6th 2009, my family and I was schedule on a flight 17 leaving out of Kingston, Jamaica. Our schedule departure time was 6:30pm but the flight was delay for thirty six minuetes making the new departure time 7:06pm. The flight left later than that shedule time and arrived in New York (JFK) at about 11:30pm. We waited about an hour for our luggages which was eleven pieces checked in for a total of six people. Six pieces of luggage came out but the others were not available. After chaos and confusion with passengers who did not receive their luggage after over an hour wait, we were directed by air jamaica staff to fill out a form for all missing pieces of luggages. We were told that our luggages were still in jamaica and will arrive on the first flight out of jamaica on Janauary 7th, and luggages will be delivered to our address. On Jan 7th at 9:30pm I receive a call from a air jamaica rep. telling me that he had ONLY one piece of our luggage and that the other four were still in jamaica and would arrived the next morning. Upon delivery of that one piece I notice that items were missing. Today is Jan11th and I am still waiting on the other four pieces of luggages. How can a airline that charges all that money be so neglegent? how can they put someone on a plane but left your luggage someplace else?. This is all out of greed because each person is allowed a certain amount of luggages at a certain weight times the amout of passenger that the plane allowed. Because of air jamaica greed of charging for extra bags and overweight this is the reason for overloading their planes, and in that process I am one of the passengers who have to suffer. I have been getting the run-around by air jamaica staff about the location of my luggages. This is inconvienting and stressing me out because I have worked hard all year and spend a lot of money for my trip. Air Jamaica has ruined the start of my new year and I will be compensated.

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  • Ba
    Barbara Richardson Jan 08, 2009

    My name is Barbara. On 14, february 2008, I attempted to travel to Jamaica for the funeral of an uncle. I reached the airport 1 hour late due to an accident on the parkway 1 hour before the schedule departure, I was told that my seat was taken, air jamaica had a 2hour delay. I was placed on standby for three flights, stayed until the last flight to Jamaica. When I asked what my recourse was, I was told to return the next morning the 15, at 4 am for standby. Upon arrival the next morning again I was told that I could not be guaranteed a seat. but that they could get me on for Monday 18, 3 days after the burial, the funeral was on the 16. I asked if I traveled on anoather carrier what would happen to my fare, I was told air jamaica would not be responsible. My husband drove me to East Islip, took Southwestern to Miami, Spirit to Jamaica. The return was just as dramatic. I was denied the trip back because the flight was full. I had to find alternate means by which to return. Trying to get any resolution to this has been just as dramatic. Went to the office in downtown Brooklyn NY, they have moved, went to their headquarters in New Kingston Jamaica, was told to go online to customer service, did the online as was told, they have not responded, called the 800 #, that monitored by ghosts. I need HELP.

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  • Le
    Lenisse Porte Jul 24, 2008
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    Verified customer

    I have posititive comments to make about Air Jamaica. On July8, 2008, I flew from Ft. Lauderdale to Kingston on Flight #38. The flight attendants and pilots were extremely professional, personable, knowledgeable and exhibited the very best in Customer Service.

    In addition, the Baggage Claims Supervisor at Norman Manley, Mr. Jason Ricketts also exhibited the very best in Customer Service. The day before my luggage was lost by another airline, but Air Jamaica along with the other airline, flew my luggage to Kingston and it was there when I arrived on the 8th.

    Mr. Ricketts, your flight attendants and your pilots were superb and they deserve all the accolades you can offer.

    Thank you so very much.

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  • An
    Analene Jul 12, 2008
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    Verified customer

    Dear Miss. Thorpe,
    Re: REF: SR08/02162/C2-46
    With response to your letter dates June 17, 2008. I have received a travel Voucher of One Hundred US Dollars and full refund for the ticket purchased on Caribbean Airlines, however, I am rather insulted by this meagre gesture of good will as it by no way considered a fair compensation for the level of incontinence suffered by the hands of your organization after missing one of three nights of the St Marteen Carnival which resulted in one night as a no show at the Hotel that was booked, carnival ticket which was pre purchased which I did not attend and gross misfortune at the airport on both my departure and arrival on my trip.
    I am a frequent flyer with Air Jamaica and I consider myself to be one of your most valued customers therefore I expect to be justly treated. I have since booked two other trips with Air Jamaica following that inconvenient travel and luckily I encountered only small delays on these flights so they were fairly uneventful. With this in view I have no hesitation in saying that your airline is one of the better ones in the sky but it still does not compensate for the gross inconvenience I experienced on my short trip to St. Marteen.
    Based on your mission statement that your “primary objective is to deliver quality service at all times to your valued customers, ” I think there is still a lot to be desired.
    I do understand that despite your efforts there will be “unforeseen circumstances” however, the way in which it is dealt with always goes a far way. A Voucher of One Hundred US Dollar as an act of compensation is ridiculous in comparison to my money lost on my one night delay.
    When I was at the airport in Kingston and demanded to speak to a Manager no one was willing to come and hear my problems as it related to my flight, both on the day that I missed my flight and when I returned to Jamaica after paying for a one way ticket home from St. Marteen. This is unacceptable and in unforeseen circumstances there should always be someone at hand to discuss concerns and problems with.
    I am therefore requesting that this matter be reviewed again and a better compensation package be considered as I don’t expect to stand the total loss of my one night missed in St. Marteen along with all the inconveniences faced by Air Jamaica’s team as my dept only.
    I look forward to hearing from you in the soonest possible time and your prompt response will be anticipated.

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  • Wi
    WILLETTE LITTLE Nov 27, 2006
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    Verified customer

    We proceeded to the resevationist, who stated the flight would be delayed until 6:15, then 9:45 until it was canceled.

    Before the flight was canceled we were given vouchers to eat at margaritaville pass gate 9. After waiting and half hour for a porter to take my mother to the restaurant before actually finding out that the flight was canceled. We were told to get our luggage, now i have to get my luggage, again wait for a porter, another half hour because of their ages

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