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E Jul 23, 2019

Uneducated Augusta Agent

I've been with Aflac for seven months. Within the last few months, I've experienced incredibly unprofessional customer service and even more an uneducated agent. My agent denies telling me I can cancel my policy due to a change in my "family status." Furthermore, the agent did not provide information on IRS tax guidelines as far as the policy cancelation. The agent had to call the HR department to find out that I am only allowed to cancel the policy during open enrollment. Had I known this information, I would not have committed to this type of policy.

Agents such as this will deny saying they told you something just so that they can continue to build their number of customers and policy renewals.

It seems as though I am stuck in a policy I do not need until "open enrollment" all because I wasnt given the correct information.
Try Nationwide, their Agents are up to date on Federal Guidelines.

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