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My mom received an invitation in the mail to attend this real estate seminar and itstated that she'd receive a $250.00 Target gift card for attending. She invited me because I have recently gotten into the house flipping business and was interested in the information. My mom was planning to use the gift card to purchase items for an upcoming trip to Washington that she and my dad have planned. They are retired and very contientious of their money. She knew It was something that would appeal to me, and she was excited to invite me as her guest. We sat through the entire presentation and received a post card sized flyer with a .com address to log into to receive the gift card. The only thing available was downloads of the books the Yancey's wrote. It was a big scam. I wish I could advertise this on a billboard so other retired hopefuls would not become victims. The address is So disappointing!

Feb 20, 2019
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  • Ju
      Sep 21, 2019

    I agree with everything written here. I attended the conference and was skeptical before we sat down with a guy named Lynn. I didn't care about the breakfast (which never was served before I left after 2 hours). Seeing people head to the back tables to sign up for the 3 day seminar I headed back to see some poor people getting their credit cards out to pay for the seminar training 3 day class. That's when I decided not to stay. I gleaned a little information and education. The postcard they issued for the $250 Target gift card (with restrictions) was unavailable when I attempted to reach the website to redeem and put in my code. I took good notes during the presentation so I did glean somewhat of a knowledge of the process they utilize to FIND FUND & FLIP; however, leave your credit cards and checkbook at home. It's a total scam!! Disappointed, but not surprised. Saved myself over $30, 000.

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