Advanced Bootingparking - putting boot

Ka Oct 03, 2019

I had parked in Lot 85, near GSU, When I came back, my car was booted. I was forced wait more than one hour and to pay $75.

I had paid for the parking and as required, I had placed the parking ticket on the dashboard. I came back an hour later to pick something from the car. At that time the parking ticket fell down on the floor of the card. When I talked to representative and told about that I was told that the ticket has to be on the dashboard.

On their website, they are advertising use of tag reading technology to recognize stolen cars.

The same could be used, to find if the parking as been paid or not or if the car is over parked. The TAG number is needed when paying for parking.

I had submitted a complaint, but have not got any response so far.

Advanced Booting

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