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First of all, On July 6, 2019 ADT technician took 9 hours to install the security system which was scheduled to be completed in 2 to 3 hours as emphasized and assured by ADT sales representative since the installation day was same day as our planned day to leave for vacation. Our driving trip was delayed 6-7hours. Second, ADT technician was not qualified (faces several problems, spends long time on the phone or keep trying to figure out a fix). I had to bring my volt meter and I managed to connect the power to the system after he wasted 1 ½ hours. Another major problem, he spent another 1 ½ hours fixing the front door buzzer/camera. He also had to replace several defective ADT equipment's right off the box. Fourth, door buzzer/camera did not work the following day on installation. I could not call for customer service since I was out of state and no one at home for the technician to fix the problem.
Finally, 10 days later July 16 after we came back from vacation. Second unqualified technician came and claim he fixed the buzzer by replacing the wrong bracket put by the installer. After midnight of that day, the whole family walkup frightened because the fixed buzzer was ringing continuously. Third unqualified technician again claimed he fixed the buzzer. A few hours later the buzzer started ringing continuously again. I had to remove it and now we do not even have a door bill in the house to know if someone at the door. I took the steps below in an effort to resolve the problem:
1. August 3, 2019 sent an email to on to the following email : [email protected]
2. August 4, 2019 Called ADT customer service number and asked if they received my complain, found out that the complain sent to the wrong ADT customer solution email. I was given another email to send my complain to. [email protected] .
3.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Indianapolis, INAugust 5, 2019 send the complaint to the email address given by customer support.
4. August 15, 2019 got a call from Defender billing department (Terry) and I explained that I have an outstanding complain that had not been resolved. She transferred me to customer service (Denise) after account verification and some explaining I was put on hold for more than 16 minutes. I had to hang up to be able to use my phone to get back to my work, but (Denise) did not call me back at all.
5. August 16, 2019 got a call from ADT (phil) he got my account information and he is going to look at my complain and call me back. No call back yet.
6. August 19, 2019 got a call from Defender billing department (did not catch her name) was very aggressive, raising her voice and threatening with contract obligation and hanged up on me.
7. August 22, 2019 called customer service 800-521-1734 talked to Torry explained the situation and informed her with my filed complained. She put me on hold for 20 minutes. Then Khyaer (account manager) after spending another 10 minutes with him. He did not give me a resolution to my problems with ADT except canceling the contract and pay the penalty for it. Like I did not have enough from the company. I had it with the company they don't care about the customer only one concern is money and no value to customer time and hardship caused by their service.
I expected qualified technician and higher level of service from ADT, I am quite disappointed. I wasted a lot of my valuable time and a lot of headache. Facing one problem after another from installation day on-ward instead of peace of mind and sense of security and trust in ADT technical expertise after 3 tries and validity of the equipment's that keeps failing.
Have not heard from the company till today and my home does not have at least its original door buzzer to know if someone at the door.

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