Acmecustomer service - or lack thereof!

U Jul 19, 2019

I visited the store on Saturday 7/13/2019 and Friday 7/19/2019. During both visits I had the displeasure of dealing with the same rude, disrespectful, racist, associate. She was working the seafood department on both days. On the 13th, she did NOT greet me, asked me "what do you want" with an attitude, and to wrap it up in a nice racist bow, she threw my seafood on the counter as if she couldn't bare to touch my black skin during the transaction. And this evening she went out her way to throw my seafood on the counter right next to the hand my husband was holding out for her to place the seafood in. And then look at him and smirked. My husband reported her to the manager on duty prior to us departing the store however, I am NOT satisfied. My money is green and I work extremely hard for it. I DO NOT appreciate being treated so rudely by someone who gets paid to interact with me whether she likes my black skin or not. She is an embarrassment to your establishment and should be removed since there's a 100% chance that all of your customers will not be Caucasian.

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