AcceptanceNowfinal payment for furniture

L Jul 15, 2019

On June 27, 2019, I contacted the Ashley Furniture store in Carle Place, NY where the Acceptance now is located and talked to a Jamel to make the last payment to close out the rental/lease on my account. The amount I was instructed to pay was $103. Prior to this day, I spoke to Jamel who informed me that my account was on a $ 20-month plan and that there were 5 more payments to make but when I make the late payment of $255 on a balance of $358, the final balance for pay off was $103. Well, this is not what transpired. I got into a heated conversation with Jamel and then he stated to me the new balance After I made the $255 was $305. As a favor he said, he would accept $231 on 7/15 to close out the rental, that I had to call him. Well, I didn't remember all of this but I went online to the payment area and made a payment of $229.39. I called the office on 7/15, to verify if the payment was received and this is where the confusion became apparent, I was informed by Uniqua that I had to cancel the online payment approval code: 094651/Order id: [protected] and the final pay off balance was not $231 as Jamel informed me but $305. I told her not to put through this payment and I began to launch my complaint of this matter. I called Acceptance now corporate office at [protected] ref#1241442 and I was informed the District Manager Mr. Keiron would call me on my home number #[protected]. Well by the time, I came home after 6 pm (EST) and checked my answering machine there wasn't a call. I contacted the corporate office and to my chagrin, I learned it takes 48 hours for a District manager to respond. this is why I am filing the complaint. I believe the conversation on 6/27 should stand and I should be able to pay the $231 as stated by Jamel on 6/27. You may reach me at [protected].

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