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I was posting my query letter on Absolute Write, and although I wasn't being aggressive, I was defending my book to some who were nitpicking everything about it. Lisa, aka "AW Admin, " locked my post, saying that I "did not read the stickies." So, I sent her a message asking her why she did that and that I did read all the stickies.

She then pulled out extremely outrageous accusations, saying that I didn't write in standard English (English is the only language I know!), that I was being aggressive and not listening, that there are problems with my manuscript and saying stuff I did not do. When I replied saying I did not do those things and asked maybe if she had me confused with someone else, she then gave me a one month ban and said she would not discuss it further! I was shocked and in utter disbelief.

She said I could contact the owner in the meantime, but didn't give me her information. So, the only way I could do that was to make another account so I could send MacAllister a message. They then permanently banned me for "sock puppeting!" Which I was not doing at all, I was just trying to contact the owner!

I sent multiple messages, no response. Finally contacted the owner on Facebook, she said that my perma ban is to remain and that they will "hard pass" on me because of my "entitled and demanding behaviour" which I was not doing at all, and that I was "wasting their time". Then she blocked me from replying.

I have been attacked by them both, treated very unfairly as well. And after doing some research, apparently Lisa and MacAllister are known to be bullies and take any reason to boot someone off the site even if they make up something as "proof."

Horrible, nasty, unethical behaviour by both of them. They should be ashamed of themselves and need to be removed from the site themselves.

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