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I spent a few years on AW prior to MacAllister Stone purchasing it. It was awesome. But Mac uses dictatorial methods and isn't above publicly insulting her members. It wasn't the same. Personal attacks became rampant. Moderation was reserved for exiling those of differing opinions.

I'd like to offer an alternative. where writers can hone their skills through short story writing and critique. They strive to be the antithesis of AW.

I found Absolute Write to be quite a hostile environment where shaming and belittling trumps learning. I wonder how many young and talented writers have been turned from a potential career because AW administrators allowed them to be bullied instead of encouraging good advice. Novice writers should be molded, not put off. The only stupid question is the one you already know the answer to.

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May 23, 2020 9:41 pm EDT
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It's very abusive and why I finally gave up on it. The thing is, when AW started it was about the only writers forum there was so they got away with treating people like crap. Now it's 2020 and writers have way more better forums and even Facebook groups they can go to for knowledge where they aren't talked down to or insulted by a woman who uses an online forum as a way to enact control over others because she probably has no life. It's funny that most of the mods seem to take on Mac's disgusting attitude and act like they are governing some country instead of running some 1 in a million website.

Most of the members have moved on because the place is a joke and so are the idiots running it. This is why no one felt sorry for the place when it got hacked. The only people who go to AW now are newbies who don't know any better. It's no need to go there if you are a veteran anyway because they can't help you. Most of the members there are unpublished and been trying to get an agent for 100 years. The entire thought process is stuck in the 50's where they still think trade publishing is the cat's meow. I warn every writer I can find away from it but most know to stay away. AW has a horrible reputation and it's because of Mac and her powertripping.


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