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Earlier one thursday morning i went to two auto body shops to find out what was wrong with my 2003 kia sorento i couldn't drive it and noticed my emergency brake light and the battery light was on i then opened the hood and saw that the belts were all off track, Both auto shops said that it was my harmonic balancer and that it needed to be replaced, the two shops also quoted me around the same price of 200 dollars for labor plus parts. Since i am a member of homeandauto with road side assistance i called them and they located the closes aamco in the area.My car was towed to aamco on 9584 fm 1960 w in houston, tx. by homeandauto my auto security plan who has a contract with aamco and offers a 10% discount on all repairs done to my vehical. The manager said that he was swamped with paperwork and would get to my car the next day but wanted to know if i knew what was wrong with my car and why i had it towed, I explained to him that two other auto shops said it was my harmonic balancer and that i could not drive it. Early the next morning he called me and said that my car would need a internel dignostic to determind what the problem was with my authorization he could do it for $475 and plus the cost of the parts.Which he said i authorized. I never gave him authorization and not knowing he had already disassembled my car. I then called aamco corporate office and left messages of my complaint i was contacted by customer relations who was trying to persuade by argument that i authorized him to work on my car. I had my car sheduled to be towed from aamco and they would not release my car until i pay $475.The next day the manager called me said the parts was installed but the car was not running correctly and that my timing belt would need replacing which total an additional $885.he said he could everything for $1600. i told him i did not authorize him to replace my timing belt and asked what was the owners name and phone number which he said they do not give out the owner's number to customers and i owed him $708. STAY AWAY from this aamco, the manager raises the cost of parts to make more money a straight up cunn artist.


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    Charlie Oct 21, 2009

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    AAMCO GM Mar 25, 2010

    Unfortunately, this customer is only telling part of the story...

    The customer took his car to two other shops, which both told him that he needed a replacement engine, as the harmonic balance had damaged the crankshaft, and this was this only solution. We asked the customer to bring the car in so we could look at it.

    As he mentioned the harmonic balance was partially broken, and stuck on the crankshaft. We called and asked the customer for authorization(labor time) to try and remove the balancer and assess the situation. He did authorize it, and we have the voice recording.

    The balancer was broken, and the end of the crankshaft was damaged due to be driven in this condition. Yes, he could replace the engine, but we suggested that we get a replacement balancer, and try to dress up the end of the crankshaft. There were no guarantees that this would work, but there would be no way to know until we had a good harmonic balancer. We advised the customer of this situation, and also advised him that the part was special order, and could not be returned. If it did work, he saved a lot of money. If it did not work, then we had the balancer which was needed anyway. He elected to proceed knowing all of these issues. This call is recorded as well.

    After receiving the balancer and trying to install it, it simply would not go on the damaged crankshaft. Only the tip of balancer was exposed, and there was obviously damage further back on the crankshaft which was behind the seal area, which could not be seen. . We advised the customer of this situation. We offered him two options: Do nothing further and stop, or teardown the front of the engine to get to the area of the crankshaft behind the seal. we quoted the customer the additional labor for this. We also advised him if the hidden area of the crankshaft was damaged, that he would need to replace the crankshaft, which would be a worst case scenario. Either way, this work would have to be done to replace it, so nothing would be lost. He was quoted the additional labor cost, and what the total cost would be if a replacement crankshaft was required. Call recorded as well.

    The customer elected to go no further than trying to install a harmonic balancer on a damaged crankshaft; all risks he was advised of and recorded prior to any work. Even the cost of replacing the crankshaft was less than half of what the two other shops quoted him for an engine. As he declined to do no further repairs, we recommended that he not drive the car, and have it towed to prevent further damage.

    In summary, we did nothing more than what the customer approved. The customer was advised of all risks prior to starting, and the call were recorded. Anyone is welcome to come by; we will gladly show you that this customer is being less than honest.


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    MelisaBG Mar 31, 2011
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    Nationwide Companies will always find an excuse for unreliable an overall bad service. I heard everything but I will always be reluctant about anyone. Also, I think every company just want to maximize profit by spending less and not doing all the job so you can come back and pay more. How many times can you be a pray for people like that. I had my own bad experience with AAMCO but I will accept it was my mistake for being naive and believe that was some honest people in this world. Now I agree AAMCO is overpriced and will do anything to not honored a warranty. To make matters worst will make you feel like you are crazy because you are protecting the investment on 2, 500.00 you spend with them.

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