24 ProtectPlus - Omaha, Nebraskabilling my visa illegally


I discovered today that this company 24 ProtectPlus has been illegally billing my VISA for 12 months. Unfortunately I did not catch the billing earlier as it was the same amount as my monthly AOL fee and I called their phone number today after seeing that they were still billing (thinking it was AOL). Veronica ID# 9564 refused to refund my money and had some story that "I had signed up for their services when I was on People Lookp-UP website. Although I informed her repeatedly that I did not sign up for the services she refused to refund the $179.40 this company illegally billed me. I have contacted the Better Business Bureaus in their state and my state and intend to take this fraudulent company to Small Claims here in Idaho if I don't get my money. These idiots think people will just give up and let them get away with it. If more of us kept them busy filing small claims actions against them, they might realize how much trouble they cause others.

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