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24/7 Hockey review: Lost package, poor customer service!

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Last year I placed an order with 24/7 Hockey for just over $700 of hockey equipment from their webpage. They filled the order and sent it out in to packages. One of the packages arrived and the other did not, so I contacted them concerning this. They were good about giving me the UPS shipping number, which I used to see that one of the packages was delivered to the wrong address. When I contacted UPS about this they said the shipper needed to file the lost package form. When I contacted 24/7 Hockey (via the web and their webpage message) to ask them to contact UPS so the problem could be resolved, I would not get any response from them. I have tried to contact them a number of times and I have only had one response, which was "What was your problem again?"...and after I explained it all again, there was no response from them.

If the lost package was worth only $30 or $40, I would be willing to walk away from it all and just never buy from them again, but the package included over $300 of hockey equipment.

The amazing part to me is that this is how a business would reply to a customer. They have never once acknowledged that there was a problem, or suggested any willingness to resolving it. I guess I have had good experiences with businesses in the past being willing to resolve a problem that I was so taken back by this experience.

24/7 Hockey
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Sep 13, 2010 12:59 pm EDT
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This company is a scam they will never ship what you order or answer you calls and e-mails. I ordered $400 worth of hockey equipment they billed me immediately yet 3 weeks later nothing has changed it stills shows my order as processing and nobody has answered the phone or responded to my e-mails. Do Not Order Anything From This Company. THEY ARE FAKE.

Sep 29, 2010 8:25 am EDT

We placed an order on 9/13/2010, for hockey pants with 24/7 Hockey, Inc. Thankfully it was an order less than $50.

Although the website claims they accept credit cards and pay pal, they requested a money order be sent before shipping the product. We sent the money order 9/14/2010 and never received the pants. We have tried several times to get in touch with the company but they hav never responded.

Don't make the same mistake we did - DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS COMPANY!