10 Crescent LanePure crap!

I ordered the Soho collection from 10 Crescent Lane. First, I was told the item was on backorder for 2 weeks and it would ship shortly after they received it.

2 MONTHS later, I receive a call telling me that my merchandise is now available to be shipped. I told the rep to cancel my order. Roughly 2 weeks later I receive another phone call from a delivery company informing me they were delivering my merchandise that I cancelled. I wanted to refuse and was told this was not possible. So I contacted 10 Crescent Lane to give them a piece of my mind. I was then told to accept the merchandise and they would set up a return. I did as instructed. That was in June. We are now in December and I STILL have the furniture!! And I am STILL waiting on my credit. Did I mention that I checked out this EXPENSIVE furniture and it looks like a knock off of some cheap K-Mart furniture. I called again last week to have this picked up and the charges reimbursed to find out the company is NO LONGER IN BUSINESS?!?!?! I'm not sure whether to be mad or thankful to rid the world of this God-forsaken company.

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