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Walgreens Complaints & Reviews

Walgreens Mail Order / My meds

walter asbell on Oct 16, 2016
They tell me my meds are being ship to me then they tell my insurance will not pay, I called my insurance they said I was covered I call back Walgreen's they said they mad a mistake and my Med's are on there way then call me back and said they could not send them and hung up on me what the hell is going on

Walgreens - Texas, Garland / Pharmacist - customer service-

Miranda Avary on Oct 14, 2016
I called the Walgreens pharmacy at 5950 Broadway Blvd, Garland TX 75043 972-303-3191 to check to see what prescription was ready ( they left me a voicemail saying it was ready) but I needed to know the name of the prescription, as my daughters insurance was not accepted and it would need...

Walgreens - Texas, Dallas / Purchases two itune prepaid cards $300.00 and $350.00 was not activated

margie_oconnor1939 on Oct 13, 2016
Walgreens #11645 10152 Lake June Dallas, Tx 75217, 469-341-3900 there no value until activated at the registe, on receipt Apple ITune, used my visa debit card, but in my Bank Of America Account do not its iTune lists with different number, apple at itune online no good because would not...

Walgreens, Exeter, NH - New Hampshire, Exeter / Pharmacist - delay in filling scripts

Mel Willette on Oct 13, 2016
I have had a prescription re-filled or new script for same med numerous years at Walgreens, Exeter, NH. This med is prescribed by my psychiatrist for my Severe PTSD. Two times in a row, pharmacist has told me will take 2 weeks to get. When hearing that I called the drug manufacturer and...

Walgreens / Rude employees!

MariDot on Oct 10, 2016
Recently went to one of these Walgreens stores. I asked the sales person did they had a bathroom in their store and he said yes. I was with my son who is only 5 years old and he really needed to go! So the Walgreens sales person showed us where the toilet was and then said that...

None-Personal Complaint - Florida, Port Charlotte / Pharmacy Service

Deesee on Oct 1, 2016
I had been getting all of my prescriptions filled at the local Walgreens Pharmacy (on Port Charlotte Boulevard and US 41) since you built one only a block away from my home, to a total of nearly $2, 00.00. Two of which were for Opana 40 mg ER, and Opana 10 mg IR. After having these, among...

Walgreens - Texas, Fort Worth / Employee talking disrespectful to customer

Samuel Davis Jr on Sep 5, 2016
On Sept. 5, 2016, I was in Walgreens #05922 at 108 28th St., Fort Worth, Tx. 76164 to make a purchase. I've been a long time customer at this Walgreens. A worker named, Paul, who would not give his last name, approached me and said "What you want bud?". After that I put the product back I...

Walgreens - Florida, Miami / Employee acted awful

Melissa Gamble on Aug 25, 2016
8/21/16 Sunday, The day before school started my daughter & I went in to Walgreens in Miami store#7749 to buy some school supplies with the little bit of money I have until I get paid from a new job I started.. My family & I are having hard times right now.. So while we are looking for the...

Walgreens - North Carolina, Rocky Mount / Answer machine for prescription refills

kingea on Aug 19, 2016
In refilling prescriptions, the robot says: no problem ! Since when am i a problem in using their drug store and giving them money! A proper business reply is thank you. This is not a hip world yet ... For pete's sake.

Walgreens - South Carolina, Conway / $3000 monthly sweepstakes

Conniejohn on Aug 18, 2016
On Aug 17, 2016 I received an invite on the back of my receipt to participate in Walgreen's $3000 monthly survey sweepstakes. It said to " just visit www.wagcares.com within 72 hours to take a short survey about this visit". I was to be entered in a sweepstakes for $3000. When I went to...

Walgreens - Arizona, Tempe / As an employee

Barbara Davila on Aug 14, 2016
I have just read how employees should take advantage of the open door policy. in my case I got no reply at any level. I'm taking my issue up with a government office. unless it's something they want to hear they stay as quiet as possible and hope you go away. I'm not going away. I have...

Walgreens / Pharmacy Department

Katrena Parker on Aug 4, 2016
On August 4th, 2016, I went into Wal-green's (as I have for the last 5+ years to drop off my son (11 year old) prescription for Concerta 54mg. In fact, I had Wal-green to specially stock the name-brand Concerta for me, knowing I would have to renew this prescription every month. Last...

Walgreens - Illinois, Aurora / Pharmaceutical pricing

Larryontheroad on Jul 20, 2016
I just had colonoscopy and the doctor phoned a prescription to my local Walgreen's in case there was some bleeding. I went to pick up the prescription and was charged $142.00 for 12 suppositories. I said I was on Medicare but the pharmacist said they were not covered. Still a bit...

Walgreens - Illinois, Chicago / Slave Laborer when the CEOS get their bonuses

Kathleen Cox on Jul 11, 2016
In December 2014, Walgreens completed its strategic combination with Alliance Boots to establish Walgreens Boots Alliance, Inc. things went bad very quickly!!! Greg Wasson was forced out. With Greg Wasson out the care for the little people out the door!! Stefano Pessina, a secretive...

Walgreens - Florida, Wesley Chapel / sweeps/winning vacation

jrblank on Jul 1, 2016
I am so sorry i looked at my receipt of purchases and fell prey to win 3000 cash for survey which when i called i was then talked into accepting a vacation which was suppose to be free then i ended up having to fork over a few hundred dollars i did not have! Well i lost my job and...

Walgreens - Florida, Englewood / Refill Prescription

luna217 on Jun 30, 2016
I just picked my a new cholesterol medicine no problem, my doctor gave me a savings card. I was also waiting for the doctor's office to fax my blood pressure medicine, and as it was three hours later and it still had not arrived to Walgreens, I was getting anxious since it is a holiday...

Walgreens - South Carolina, Lexington / Prescription price versus copay

msm35 on Jun 22, 2016
After moving my Rx to Express Scripts, I noticed on the history, which included Rx's filled at Walgreen's, that I paid the full copay for drugs at Walgreen's when the cost of the drug was less than the copay. This became obvious when looking at all the Walgreens Rx's where the insurance...

Walgreens - California, Rohnert Park / Meds not ready?!

heaven4ever on May 23, 2016
I drop off scripts for meds. They check if meds would be ready at Noon the next day. They said the meds. should be ready since they have it in stock, the even doubled checked. I come the next day to pick up meds. Guess what, not ready. I didn't understand why if they said they had in...

Walgreens / Pharmacy Error

GolferDave on May 18, 2016
Through gross incompetence, the Cleburne Texas Walgreens filled my Metformin (diabetic medication) with a mix of Metformin and a very potent anticonvulsant medication that looked similar and which I had not been prescribed. After inadvertently taking several of the anticonvulsant pills, I...

Walgreens - Illinois, Chicago / Employee

Sameera - Zaina Qureshi on Apr 29, 2016
I am so dissapoited at the company I thought I would retired from after 27 years I was ask to step down. That of course means that my paid would be cut by a lot is not that I make a lot of many from 17.00 an hour I will know make 13.25. I feel that since Walgreens became WBA wich is the...

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