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Walgreens Complaints & Reviews

Walgreens / Customer service

Rose5981 on Jan 19, 2017
I was on vacation in Miami and stop into a Walgreens to buy cigarettes when I walked up to the register and asked for cigarettes the associate told me to hold on and turned to another co worker and started to whisper, the employee then turned around and out loud said I cant sell you...

Walgreens / Male urinal

I bought one of these male urinal bottles a year ago for $10.99 and it already has a leak and the plastic is so cheap that it deforms under hot water. Any other plastic bottle like this in a different shape would cost $1 elsewhere but because this is a medical item, somehow your store (and...

Walgreens / Ageless male

James1953 on Jan 15, 2017
I tried Agless Male and it doesn't do anything for me.I am not happy with it.And it has 100% Guarantee.I purchased it at Walgreens I have the receipt.I am letting you know before the 30 days are up to get my money back.I want to get a refund on what I paid.I paid $39.99.Please sendme...

Walgreens / Pharmacy

Louis Rossignol on Jan 4, 2017
I don't know what the problem is but every time I go to the pharmacy to pick up my wife's prescriptions, Monica seems to make sure that I don't get all of them and on way too many visits I've had to make 2nd and 3rd trips. It also seems Monica gives my wife problems when she calls to make...

Walgreens Asheville Hwy Greeneville Tn / Pharmacy

maggie4me on Jan 1, 2017
What a hateful, rude, long haired, belittling mad scientist looking person you have hired. You must of been scrapping the bottom when you hired him. Every time you go to get something filled, you leave empty handed. He wanted to argue with you and appeared to be running in high gear. Made...

Walgreens / One employee in store

carolineannie on Dec 28, 2016
I had worked with Walgreens for 8 yrs. In all these yrs. I have had customers ask me why one perticular employee never had to work nights. I know for a fact that she is only a cashier and had not been with company long as I had. I startedm in my store set up the cosmetics, infants and...

Walgreens / Western union kiosk

kat1699 on Dec 24, 2016
On Dec 24 2016 sent money to family member who has a mental disability she was to pick up her money at Walgreen's in Fort Atkinson, WI the store clerk did nothing to help explain to the customer how the process works she had her tracking number as well as an ID and kept demanding a kiosk...

Walgreens / Employee manner and services

chinaboss on Dec 18, 2016
Date of Visit: 12/18/2016 Time: about 7:00 PM Location: Roosevelt Road, Glen Ellyn Employee's Name: Augustus Pye (that is what he said) Incident: I bought 3 pack of 12 cans of Coke, put them on the basket, and waited in line to check out. There were 4 check out stations. Only one wa...

Walgreens / Worst customer service

delmaris on Dec 15, 2016
I went today around 12:40pm to the walgreeen located on 105 Mariner Blvd Spring Hill, FL 34609 United States And received the worst customer experience from the cashier Nancy. She literal got my phone from my hand and unclips all my coupons. And dont let me use any one . So rude cant...

Walgreens / Answering the phone

Monica Klingman on Dec 13, 2016
Every time I call Walgreens pharmacy here in Rogers, AR the one on the corner of Walnut and Dixieland, I have to l hold for a very long time with no other calls in front of me. Today I held for 25 minutes waiting for someone to pick up the phone, to see how much my prescriptions would...

Walgreens , New Canaan. Ct. 06840 / 2 liter bottles

Burton Dupee on Dec 2, 2016
I purchased Coca-Cola last night and found the soda to be flat, then purchase 2 more bottles again tonight and found these to be flat also, we have both been drinking Coca-Cola since we were kids and we are both in our sixties now . We love coke and don't want to start drinking Pepsi . Is thi...

Walgreens / Pharmacy service

Sidmed on Dec 2, 2016
Six days ago I submitted a Suboxon prescription to the Walgreen'S pharmacy on Ygnacio Valley Rd., Walnut Creek, CA. I received an electronic message later that day stating the pharmacist was "reviewing" my prescription, thus causing a delay requiring no action on my part. This morning, I...

Walgreens / Employee, heather soto (Photo department)

sereyrod on Dec 1, 2016
Sereyrod L. Chhin 10502 Walnut Glen Drive Houston, Texas 77064 sereyrodlc@yahoo.com Regarding: Walgreens Store #5085 10965 Cypress Creek Pkwy Houston, Texas 77070 On 11/27/2016 in the evening time hours at the above store I was there to print several photos. At the cashier I spoke to a...

Walgreens / Unfairness

Ms. Valerie on Dec 1, 2016
Hi my name is Valerie Jean Arroyo and I've been working for Walgreens 3197 for a little over 2 lovely years. I love working for a company that allows me to shine and give the best customer service. My customers know the lengths that I will go to just to help them find that one item no...

Walgreens / Pharmacy

Kady Johnson on Nov 26, 2016
i'm complaining about the walgreens in pawtucket, rhode island 02861. i fill my prescriptions there bi weekly now for over a year. first of all my doctor had to send in a rep from the drug company so they would order one of my medications, another one they flat out refuse to give me...

Walgreens Co. / Walgreen co. - uncaring with employees and unsupportive management

RoseGalvan on Nov 26, 2016
November 26, 2016 I shopped this morning at Walgreens store #09089 in Huntington Beach. While purchasing my items at approx. 7:30am, I was greeted by Susie, a nice, friendly and extremely professional employee, who has worked for Walgreens for approx. 10 years. This morning was very cold and a...

Walgreens / Pharmacy department/flu shot

nicotiana2002 on Nov 21, 2016
Date:11/21/2916 Location: 2630 PINE LAKE RD, LINCOLN, NE 68512 402-421-0984 I was at the above location to get a flu shot and after going through the paper work I was told to wait for a few minutes and that the nurse would be with me. Waited for 20 minutes with no response. After 20 min...

Walgreens / Pharmacist being hateful refusing to give me Zyrtech

Katie Ford on Nov 21, 2016
On November 17, 2016 at 6:00 pm Just coming back from the doctor from being treated for my sever allergies we went to the pharmacy to get my prescription. the cough syrup was not a problem however I mentioned my Doctor also wanted me to have zyrtech for my sever allergies. she assumed like...

Walgreens / Poor customer service

Tina La Placa on Nov 14, 2016
Poor Customer Service at Walgreens in Albany, Georgia, the store on the corner of Pine Ave. and Slappey Blvd, address 300 N. Slappey Blvd, Albany, Georgia 31701. I am a regular customer there. I shop during my lunch hours which is only 60 mins. In the photo department, I sat myself down at...

Walgreens / Sweepstakes

Elke Y. Park on Nov 8, 2016
I am filing a complaint against Walgreens sweepstakes. I can't believe that I have bought things from their store now 3 times in one week and not one of those receipts even worked. It wasn't even 24 hours when I went to do the survey so that I can enter to win the $3, 000 dollar...

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