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Pizza Hut Complaints & Reviews

Pizza Hut / Bad attitude towards customers

Hizqn on 2016-04-27
Just unacceptable... I phoned pizza hut to order THREE pizzas and this woman picks up the phone with a dirty attitude. These things usually happen to all things so i just let it slip but the fact that when I went to receive the pizza she said I ordered FOUR pizzas... I clearly said three and I...

Pizza Hut / Poor service / delivery issues

Marlon Lee on 2016-04-04
On 04/02/2016, my co-worker and I decided to order a few items from Pizza hut for dinner while on the night shift. We had previously order the night before for a small get-together at work and everything was fine spending at least $40 so we decided to give it another try. I made an on line...

Pizza Hut / Pizza and Manager bad experience

hemphog on 2016-03-29
Ordered two pizzas cheese pepperoni and bacon got one strip shared between two pizzas two weeks earlier same thing two pizzas one strip of bacon so this time we called the Churchill Square in St.john's Newfoundland Pizza Hut where we bought the pizza and the manager working gave my...

Pizza Hut - Texas, Dallas / Service

Myeisha Anderson on 2016-03-17
On March 17, 2016 at 5:22 pm I placed on online order to Pizza Hut at 8254 Abrams Rd Dallas, TX 75231 for a large pepperoni pizza to be delivered to me. After my order was placed a worker from Pizza Hut called me on their personal cell phone and told me that the area in which I live in...

Pizza Hut - Georgia, Alpharetta / Pizza order

hr4743 on 2016-03-13
Ordered a pizza online from: 10945 State Bridge Rd., #502 Alpharetta, GA 30022, (770) 740-8686 at 6:30 PM on 03/13/2016. Feeling very hungry at 7:45PM I called the franchise and was told my order was canceled since my card was declined. I asked why they didn't call me for another card...

Pizza Hut - Mississippi, Jackson / Pizza

round2001 on 2016-02-07
I contacted pizza hut online at 2:00 Sunday 2/07/2016 and placed an order. They referred me to the store located at 2601 Highway 80. The order was for 5:00 Pm. I hadn't received my pizza by 8:00 so I sent my brother to check on it since i had called 21 times but couldn't get through...

Pizza Hut / Payment not Received ONLINE!!!!!

Register55 on 2016-01-29
My complaint is that my order wasn't repeated back to me I detest DIET COKE AND RECIEVD 3 BOTTLES. If my order was repeated to me since we had trouble processing my balance on the Internet received something I didn't want...Not one supervisor called and apologized about the situation are...

Pizza Hut - Nevada, Las Vegas / refering to the post-Whats going on in my store

Reviewer29773 on 2016-01-29
I forgot to add to the post What's going on In my work place that I am the spouse of the employee that wrote that post & that I just wanted her/his problems heard & hopefully resolved A.S.A.P. I don't want him/her getting fired because of that post when they have no clue I wrote it for...

Pizza Hut - Louisiana, Alexandria / Delivery

Reviewer45890 on 2016-01-29
Jackson street Alexandria, LA 71303 please if you can check how much time they usually take to deliver pizza last 3 times I ordered and its late 45 minutes from schedule time and if you make mistake to call and check the status then extremely rude staff saying you will be next!!!

Pizza Hut - Nevada, Las Vegas / What's going on in my store

Reviewer41534 on 2016-01-28
Hi I am a Employee for pizza hut. My 1st day there I was shown the basic things on how to do a order on their computer by a manager of this store. Well he/she only showed me 1 time on how to take a order & let me practice doing it for about 15-20 mins then put me on the phone with a...

Pizza Hut - Alabama, tallassee / Poor managment

RobinKleinfelter on 2016-01-27
Oh I was hired and lied to at the Tallassee Alabama location so I do not want to work for people who lie. I was told I would start at $8 and I trained 6 hours at minimum. Then they wanted me to come in on a game day when there is no business and make $3 I was never told that I would make...

Pizza Hut - California, Bakersfield / Customer service

Reviewer79984 on 2016-01-10
We ordered a pepperoni pizza online, when we got there to pick it up they said we ordered a mushroom and chicken pizza. We explained that we did not order that they responded by oh well there's nothing we can do because it was ordered online. If wanted pepperoni we would have to order...

Pizza Hut - Indiana, North Manchester / pizza

Reviewer37607 on 2016-01-09
Perhaps Pizza Hut has changed it's pizza in which case we will not be returning. We've been using Pizza Hut as our favorite pizzeria for decades. Indeed, when we spring for a pizza there's never been another choice for us. We ordered our usual carry-out last night: Large meat lovers/thin...

Pizza Hut / Rude waitress

Reviewer68639 on 2016-01-08
I was at Pizza Hut with a few of my work friends. We went to the lunch buffet. The waitress there was so rude and we could hear her all the way in the dining area screaming at the other staff that were there and slamming dishes around and swearing at people. She needs to be terminated...

Pizza Hut / Favortism/Unfair Schedules

Reviewer36315 on 2016-01-08
I work at a Rage Pizza Hut in West Virginia. I have been there almost a year. When I first was hired, I was told this one girl was supposed to train me. When I worked my first shift with her, all she done was verbally abuse everyone around her including the shift manager! I was told that...

Pizza Hut / Delivery

portia0001 on 2015-12-28
Hi Good day last night i order pizza at 1:24 am order go to wrong place not receive it till 3:07 am keep on calling call center first time i call at 2:20am they said driver on the way coming in few minutes wait again for 30 minutes call again answered after 10 minutes he aaid i will follow...

Pizza Hut / Poor service and staff

Reviewer63390 on 2015-12-21
Hi This is regarding my visit to Pizza Hut in Lamcy Plaza on 21st December 2015. We ordered pizzas and they took the order. We waited for about 45 minutes after taht and then inquired about our Order. There were many other costumers with the same problem as ours. They said they have a...

Pizza Hut / Not impressed

Reviewer30636 on 2015-12-20
21/12/2015 so I ordered a pizza online, to be delivered, and about 1pm said it should only take 25 minutes be here 1.25pm, at 2.45 I decided to ring and ask them how long it would take for the pizza to be delivered, and the lady on the phone said that they had just opened and that they...

Pizza Hut / Undue delay and very pathetic response. Shocking attitude.

Reviewer39448 on 2015-12-08
Our company frequently orders from Pizza Hut and today we had a large order of 5 large pizza, 5 wings and 6 salads whereby we called in at 11.00am and ordered. Our order was to be done by 12.15noon and our driver was already waiting there, we repeatedly called and requested for completion...

Pizza Hut / Penghantaran lebih dari 30minit..

Reviewer34071 on 2015-12-06
Pada 06/12 sy mbuat pesanan pizza hotline pada pukul 3pm & dijanjikan 30minit..dekat pukul 4pm nak double confim tmpat pizza hut Bintulu col(lady), i cakap dh selalu hntar tapi dia cakap org lma banyak resign dia yg akan hntar org baru..4.12pm i col hotline sebab blum smpai sebab dari...

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